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Mission Statement

MFPL engages in building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders.

About May First Movement Technology

May First Movement Technology is a non-profit membership organization that engages in building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders.

We are the largest membership technology organization in the movements for fundamental change in the United States and Mexico, bringing together over 2300 activists in about 850 memberships. We share our technology (as a collaborative, non-profit service provider) and participate in (and often lead) many networks and coalitions working on various issues like net neutrality, data protection, privacy, access and alternative connection systems. We have been in existence for 15 years.  email

Who we are : Leadership

May First Movement Technology is a democratic cooperative. Based on our bylaws, the members elect 16 – 20 people to the board and the workers select five.
Representatives from Mexico are allocated based on the total percentage of their membership (approximately 20% or five members).
The following board was elected in October 2019.

Find our more about the board and Micky Metts hacker, activist and organizer elected 2019.

PLATFORM COOPERATIVISM EXPLAINED: “Platform Cooperativism: The Internet, Ownership, Democracy”

YES! Child Brides in the US – Human Rights Abuse

The shameful practice of child marriage still happening in the US.

In half of US states, the law does not specify any minimum age below which a child cannot marry.

Why does the US have so many child brides?

Angel was 13 when her mother forced her to marry and start a family. “I felt like a slave,” she says of her childhood.

While countries like Zimbabwe, Malawi and El Salvador have recently banned child marriage, it remains legal in the US – and half of states have no set minimum age below which you cannot get married.

There are hundreds of thousands of child brides in AMERICA where kiddie weddings are still legal… despite even being banned in Zimbabwe
Child marriage remains legal in the US and half of states have no set minimum age below which a child can’t get married.


Married at 15: America’s Child Brides


At 16 I had 6 children

American child bride cases chronicled in shocking BBC documentary: ‘We have to think about these girls’

Child Bride Abuse is Legal in the U.S. – WHY?? HEY @RepSpeier do something!

Betsy Devos found in Contempt fined $100,000 for hurting kids.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in contempt of court

STILL Enforcing Loans On Defrauded College Students.

The government will pay the $100,000, and DeVos will not be personally responsible for the sum.

Ten third-party contractors were involved in collecting the loans, and the judge’s opinion notes that the Education Department didn’t do much to make sure it followed the orders, beyond sending a few emails.

It’s rare for a judge to find a Cabinet secretary in contempt of court. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a presidential candidate, has called for DeVos to resign over this issue.

the Education Department was supposed to simply refund all the money borrowed by students who attended Corinthian during the time it was making false claims.

DeVos Won’t stop  collecting loans from former students of a now-defunct chain of for-profit colleges.

$100,000 will go toward various remedies and legal expenses for students who are owed debt relief from the Education Department after Corinthian Colleges collapsed in 2014, according to the ruling.


Toby Merrill, the Harvard University lawyer and director of the Project on Predatory Student Lending who brought about the class action suit on behalf of 80,000 affected students against the Education Department. Harvard Law School

The Project on Predatory Student Lending represents the students in the lawsuit.

Top Betsy DeVos appointee abruptly quits, calls for canceling $925 billion in student loan debt

Trump’s top student loan official resigns — and immediately calls for ditching “fundamentally broken” loan system.

A. Wayne Johnson was appointed by DeVos in 2017 as chief operating officer of the Office of Federal Student Aid, which oversees the more than $1.5 trillion in student debt accrued by millions of Americans. He later moved into a different position, leading an effort to overhaul how the agency handles borrowers and lenders.

A. Wayne Johnson appointed by Secretary Betsy DeVos abruptly announced his resignation on Thursday and called for the cancellation of more than $900 billion in student loan debt.

Johnson told the outlet that repayment trends suggest that much of the outstanding debt will never be repaid and called for an overhaul of the entire student lending system.

Johnson  hopes to be appointed to the Senate seat in Georgia  by Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, but will run for the seat in the next election if he is not selected.

Johnson’s plan would forgive more debt than the plan proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., which would cancel all debt up to $50,000 for families earning under $100,000 per year. Johnson’s plan, which has no income cap, would fall short of the plan proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who has called for the cancellation of all student debt.

Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-Va.), chairman of the House Education Committee, is threatening to subpoena Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for more documents related to the department’s role in Dream Center’s actions. Scott says the agency has obstructed the committee’s investigation and refused to answer questions, as emails and letters paint a picture of a federal agency complicit in an effort to place profits before students

Trump administration let nearly $11 million in student aid go to unaccredited for-profit colleges

Mounting evidence shows the Trump administration took extraordinary steps to keep two Art Institute campuses accredited after both lost the designation and access to federal student aid. Now one former student is suing the Education Department for violating its own rules.

Turmoil at Dream Center Colleges Spills Open With Seattle “At-Risk” Designation LLC LLC
400 S El Camino Real, Suite 400
San Mateo, CA 94402

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