Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival


This year, Arizona pays homage to California…

the Southwest Folklife Alliance and Alliance of California Traditional Arts

TMY is celebrating it’s 46th edition.

WELCOME TO TUCSON MEET YOURSELF,<https://www.tucsonmeetyourself.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/191001_SFA_TMYProgram_Final.pdf>


We celebrate the absolute uniqueness of Tucson’s culture and heritage, one rooted in the Sonoran Desert. But we also acknowledge our strong connections to California.

EFF The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act)

This is a friendly message from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act) would create a “Copyright Claims Board” in the Copyright Office empowered to levy large penalties (up to $30,000) against anyone accused of copyright infringement. The only way out would be to respond to the Copyright Office—in the specific manner it asks for—within 60 days of getting a notice. If that sounds complicated and potentially ruinous to you, you’re not alone.

Take Action
Stand up for free speech online

When the House Judiciary Committee voted on the CASE Act, Representative Doug Collins of Georgia said the $30,000 cap on damages meant this process would apply only to “truly small claims.” But for many everyday Americans, coming up with even a couple hundred dollars on short notice is very difficult. At least in a lawsuit, you have the basic protections of the adversarial court system and the possibility to appeal. Claims under the CASE Act would be heard by neither judges or juries, just “claims officers.” And it has a very limited ability for you to appeal.

Copyright law in the United States does have problems. But the system created by CASE won’t stop bad actors who will know how to find the loopholes—it will only hurt regular Internet users who won’t.

Write Congress today and urge your senators and representative to stand against the CASE Act.

Thank you,

Katharine Trendacosta
Activism Team | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Banking – Wall Street On Parade by Pam Martens and Russ Martens

JPMorgan Chase Has a Pattern of Criminality; Now Wall Street Is Pointing to the Bank as a Cause of the Fed’s Emergency Loans
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 2, 2019 ~
Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase
Two notable things happened on Monday, September 16, 2019. Rates started to spike in the overnight loan (repo) market, reaching a high of 10 percent the next day and forcing the Federal Reserve to step in as a […]

Derivative Risks Rising: Sell-Off in Interconnected Mega Banks and Insurers
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 3, 2019 ~
New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 838 points in the past two days of
trading. On a percentage basis, its losses pale in comparison to the losses
experienced over the past two days by some of the biggest global banks […]

There’s Nothing Normal About the Fed Pumping Hundreds of Billions Weekly to Unnamed Banks on Wall Street: “Somebody’s Got a Problem”
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 4, 2019 ~
John Williams, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Yesterday, the House Financial Services Committee released its hearing
schedule for October. There is not a peep about holding a hearing on the
unprecedented hundreds of billions of dollars that the Federal Reserve Bank of New […]

Fed Says It Will Offer $310 Billion More in Term Loans to Wall Street as Over 68,000 Job Cuts Planned at Mega Banks
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 7, 2019 ~
New York Fed Headquarters Building in Lower Manhattan
One or more U.S. or foreign banks that are primary dealers to the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York is in need of longer-term loans that they are unable to get anywhere else – at least at an affordable […]

Connecting the Dots to the Budding Wall Street Crisis
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 8, 2019 ~
New York Stock Exchange
We’re going to do today what mainstream media has failed to do for the
American people so far this year — as well as prior to the onset of the 2008
financial collapse on Wall Street. We’re going to connect the dots that […]

Fed’s Powell Admits a Bigger Bailout for Wall Street Is Coming; Fed’s
Balance Sheet Ballooned by $176 Billion Since September
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 9, 2019 ~
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Speaking at the National Association of Business Economists on October 8, 2019
Yesterday, at a speaking event in Denver at the National Association of
Business Economists, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that a larger, long-term bailout of Wall Street is coming. […]

Bankers hit with racketeering charges

K12 Ed Department announced a number of competitive grant awards

Department announced a number of competitive grant awards

$123 million for 41 SEAs, LEAs, and non-profit organizations under the Education Innovation and Research (EIR) program and $1.49 million for nine entities under the Perkins Act Innovation and Modernization Grant Program.

Find changes in the number of students who were homeschooled.

Find information on the characteristics and achievement of students enrolled in public and private schools

Student Victimization in U.S. Schools: 2017,” contains estimates of student criminal victimization at school, reports of bullying, school security measures, and student avoidance behavior.

ECP NetHappenings Career and technical education (CTE) in U.S. high schools

Career and technical education (CTE) in U.S. high schools and outcomes for students who participate in these programs.

The data shows that CTE participation — especially focusing one’s studies by taking two or more CTE classes within the same career cluster — is positively correlated with both future employment and future earnings.  Yet, while 77% of students take at least one CTE class while in high school, only 37% of participants focus their studies on a single career cluster.

Eight years after their expected graduation date, students who focused on career and technical education (CTE) courses while in high school had higher median annual earnings than students who did not focus on CTE.

Among 9th-grade public school students in 2009 who went on to concentrate in CTE in high school, 94 percent graduated from high school[5] by their expected year of graduation, and 98 percent earned their high school diplomas within three years of their expected graduation date. Among 9th-grade public school students in 2009 who were non-concentrators in high school, 86 percent had graduated from high school by 2013, and 92 percent had graduated from high school by 2016.


ECP NetHappenings 15 Schools With High Default rates get Sanctions


Schools with high default rates may lose their eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs. This year, 15 schools are subject to sanctions, including one public, one private, and 13 proprietary institutions.

These schools include:

  • DC – Washington – Bennett Career Institute
  • ID – Burley – Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences
  • IL – Chicago – Larry’s Barber College
  • KY – Louisville – American College of Barbering
  • MO – Kansas City – Transformed Barber & Cosmetology Academy
  • ND – Bismarck – United Tribes Technical College
  • NJ – Cherry Hill – Harris School of Business
  • NY – Rochester – Sharp Edgez Barber Institute
  • PA – Lancaster – Champ’s Barber School
  • SC – Denmark – Denmark Technical College
  • TN – Memphis – Vibe Barber College
  • TX – Farmers Branch – PCCenter
  • TX – Grand Prairie – MT Training Center
  • TX – Dickinson – K&G 5 Star Barber College
  • WI – Beloit – First Class Cosmetology School

Eleven of these 15 schools are subject to a loss of eligibility based on a CDR of 40% or more for one year, while seven are subject to a loss of eligibility based on a CDR of 30% or more for three years. Three schools are subject to a loss of eligibility based on a CDR of 40% or more for one year and a rate of 30% or greater for three years. In certain circumstances, schools may avoid sanctions by submitting successful appeals.

Four of the 15 schools subject to sanctions in FY 2016 were subject to sanctions in FY 2015, including Champ’s Barber School, Larry’s Barber College, Sharp Edgez Barber Institute, and United Tribes Technical College.

All institutions with a default rate that is equal to or greater than 30% must establish a default prevention task force that prepares a plan to identify the factors causing the school’s CDR to exceed 30% and submit the plan to the Department.



BGP hijacking Dan Goodin reporter
China Telecom’s Internet Traffic Misdirection 11/5/18 Doug Madory https://blogs.oracle.com/internetintelligence/excessive-as-path-prepending-is-a-self-inflicted-vulnerability and

Naval War College published a paper that contained a number of claims about purported efforts by the Chinese government to manipulate BGP routing in order to intercept internet traffic.

AI hid data from researchers in order to cheat at its task:

World’s most destructive botnet returns with stolen passwords and email in tow https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/09/worlds-most-destructive-botnet-returns-with-stolen-passwords-and-email-in-tow/

Several months after the fact, CafePress finally acknowledges huge data theft to its customers https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/09/23/cafepress_admits_breach_to_customers/

Even the tech expert from ‘Mr. Robot’ can’t figure out this iPhone hack

NSA launches new cyber defense directorate

17 Cybersecurity Products the Cyber Insurance Industry Says Are Worthwhile

OUTRAGE: Mark Zuckerberg threatens “major lawsuit” if President Warren tries to break up Facebook The Facebook CEO tried to rally staff in internal staff meetings this summer.

Zuckerberg told employees, “if someone’s going to try to threaten something that existential, you go to the mat and you fight.”

On Tuesday, Warren tweeted in response: “What would really ‘suck’ is if we don’t fix a corrupt system that lets giant companies like Facebook engage in illegal anticompetitive practices, stomp on consumer privacy rights, and repeatedly fumble their responsibility to protect our democracy.”

Hundreds of Amazon employees, along with civil liberties groups and lawmakers, have called out AWS for marketing Rekognition to police, ICE, and other law enforcement agencies, over concerns that the powerful technology could be misused.
Jeff Bezos says Amazon is writing its own facial recognition laws to pitch to lawmakers re: Amazon Rekognition. Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, which sells the Rekognition software, told Recode’s Code Conference audience that he hoped federal regulation happened soon.

In Australia Facebook hides Likes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google incorporated as a company in 1998 with about $1m in investment from friends, family and individual investors.

Google starts YouTube series called Google Search News

Google Hires Republican Senate Aide to Head Lobby Office


K12 Teachers Halloween Holiday Classroom activities


Halloween Songs, Halloween History, Halloween Safety, Ghost, Goblin Monster Scary Spooky Sounds, Pumpkin Facts, Celtic History, Werewolf Protection and Dracula, Ghosts and Music Holidays

The Worms Crawl In the Worms Crawl Out


Irish-English bi-lingual Film about Origins of Halloween. Halloween as it emerged from the Celtic festival of Samhain (summer’s end).

The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the Celtic festival known as Samhain (Irish pronunciation: [saun]; from the Old Irish samain) and of the harvest season in Gaelic culture.

1929 The Skeleton Dance

Mary Smith ‘Knocker-up’ Good Morning Luv

A ‘Knocker-up’ was hired to ensure that people would wake up on time for their jobs. Mary Smith earned sixpence a week shooting dried peas at sleeping workers’ windows in East London in the 1930s


But who woke the knocker-up?
The knocker-up only went to bed after they’d woken everyone else up. They slept during the day. Worse for the people being woken up at 4AM to go out to work in the cold!