CryptoPunk #9997 #ethgate Money Laundering Network

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CryptoPunk #9997 Money Laundering Network

CryptoPunk #9997 Money Laundering Network 02
Justin Sun is a member of this criminal group.

Wang Dongfeng (Start Art Gallery)defrauded Li Jinlin (李锦林 an official of the Chinese government) of US$60 million.
1/20/24 video

Wang Dongfeng 9 figure crypto exploits

Report on Start Art Gallery money laundering syndicate 01

Report on Start Art Gallery money laundering syndicate 02

Money Laundering Empire: Start Art Gallery

Start Group is a large scale transnational money laundering network headed by Wang Dongfeng.

CryptoPunk #9997 Money Laundering Network
0x0046f576099d49885226245BdEc083839BfDC829 is a money laundering network controlled by Wang Dongfeng(汪东风) and Ryan Xu(许子敬).
In 2021, Wang Dongfeng and Dong Lidan opened Start Art Gallery in Hong Kong. On September 18, 2021, Wang Dongfeng purchased Punk #9997 for Ryan Xu. On September 28, Wang Dongfeng deposited Punk #9997 into marspunks.eth (0xf2ef5636B38EcF46324Ac97957A514BeDa674D7d).
From this day (September 28, 21), Wang Dongfeng’s criminal group committed money laundering crimes that shocked the world.
Wang Dongfeng’s criminal group received USDT and USDC from 0x07008B2D409130b8800B790b7257C91bBd54cBD7.
After receiving the relevant funds, Wang Dongfeng’s criminal group used 0x0046f576099d49885226245BdEc083839BfDC829 to transfer the assets again.
0x07008B2D409130b8800B790b7257C91bBd54cBD7 is a huge money laundering network.

The initial startup capital of 0x07008B2D409130b8800B790b7257C91bBd54cBD7 comes from marskevin.eth (0xB515b2414BcDf8559De32cbF28fCd3aD43dc5c7a).
Wang Dongfeng’s English name is Kevin Wang.
0x07008B2D409130b8800B790b7257C91bBd54cBD7 receives stolen USDT, USDC and other assets. According to preliminary statistics, 0x07008B2D409130b8800B790b7257C91bBd54cBD7 laundered more than 1 billion US dollars.

Image description
On April 7, 2022, marspunks.eth deposited 25 ETH to 0x0046f576099d49885226245BdEc083839BfDC829.
On May 22, 2022, marspunks.eth deposited 30 ETH to 0x0046f576099d49885226245BdEc083839BfDC829.
These 55 ETH are the money laundering start-up funds of Wang Dongfeng’s criminal group.
During the period from July 12 to October 20, 21. Wang Dongfeng (controlling 0x6cC5F688a315f3dC28A7781717a9A798a59fDA7b) transferred Molecular Future Token to Ryan Xu (controlling 5 0x0093e5f2A850268c0ca3093c7EA53731296487eB).

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From December 29, 21 to January 17, 22, marspunks.eth transferred 80.056ETH to 0x5F9b84DaA369530eab12E19EC30Cc32b990406Ff. This is the money laundering start-up capital of Wang Dongfeng’s criminal group.

0x5F9b84DaA369530eab12E19EC30Cc32b990406Ff transfers ETH to more than 4,000 wallets in the form of 0.01ETH and 0.015ETH.
After receiving a small amount of ETH, the relevant wallet immediately transferred thousands or even tens of thousands of USDT from exchanges such as Binance,, Coinbase, etc.
In the end, the criminal group laundered a total of 16,886,450 USDT.

Jan 20 Report on Start Art Gallery money laundering syndicate 02

In summary, combined with other evidence,
Group, it can be concluded that is controlled by Start.
With each transfer of 0. 00126 ETH, 0. 00021 ETH (or other small amounts
of ETH), Ox05EE546c1a62f90D7aCBfFd6d846c9C54C7cF94c has transferred more than 100, 000 transactions.


After receiving the transfer of O.00126 ETH or O.00021 ETH,
relevant wallet will simultaneously transfer the collected Tronix
Token (or other tokens) to
and other exchanges. Start Group,
with such large and frequent actions, is obviously assisting Justin
Sun to steal Tronix Token.

The SEC has accused Justin Sun of falsely trading Tronix Tokens in the
securities market and stealing Tronix Tokens from other users. Start
Group apparently collaborated with Justin Sun to steal Tronix Token.
Start Group’ s money laundering, fraud, and insider trading led to
the bankruptcy of 3AC 2022, Ox4093FBe60aB50AB79a5Bd32Fa2adEC255372f80E and
On June 15, Ox716034C25D9Fb4b38c837aFe417B7f2b9af3E9AE were both marked as 3AC wallets. However, these two wallets are the core money laundering wallets of Start Group.

At the same time, on AaveV2,
Ox4093fbe60ab50ab79a5bd32fa2adec255372f80e has a collateral position
of 211, 999. 12aWETH (valued at US$235 million) and a total of US$183
million in USDC+USDT borrowing debt. This wallet uses “sinofate. eth
(Ox7499DIC29cAF9C7235315AD63501 ID672043b26E) ” to convert ETH into USDT/USDC and then repay it, and so on. Within 24 hours, this wallet
had sold approximately 50,000 ETH.

Ox716034C25D9Fb4b38c837aFe417B7f2b9af3E9AE (start On June 15, Group’ s wallet) was liquidated for 16, 824. 31 ETH.
To sum up, Start Group is the main culprit that caused 3AC’ s liquidity crisis and bankruptcy.
On June 15, 22, raylin51. eth
(Ox88508C2CC76c6042b4E5912b03C512fF1c05Df43) transferred OETH
to Ox4093FBe60aB50AB79a5Bd32Fa2adEC255372f80E.

This transfer is a tribute to Start Group’ s success in strangling 3AC.
The Start Group’s Tronix theft network provided the initial funding
for raylin51. eth. The relevant ETH transfer paths are:
Ox05EE546c1a62f90D7aCBfFd6d846c9C54C7cF94c (Tronix theft network)
—Ox87BD7EcB556817273c3adA560659fB6cb475aE1b—ray1in51. eth
metabus. eth (OxlcFa7e7637Cdfd57357C324860368F06E8933AD3) is the core figure of the Start Group. This person opened a money laundering
network at Oxd82291413B02F85D4C780c5963096376dd51dC26. This money laundering network transfers 0.006325 ETH to group members as an
identification mark for the members.

On June 15 and November 12, 22, metabus.eth performed 0 ETH transfers
to Ox4093FBe60aB50AB79a5Bd32Fa2adEC255372f80E and FTX Accounts
Drainer (Ox59ABf3837Fa962d6853b4Cc0a19513AA031fd32b) respectively.
These actions show that Start Group is very arrogant.

To sum up, Start Group is a large—scale transnational money laundering
network headed by Wang Dongfeng.

Dong Lidan, Cai Wensheng, Ryan Xu and others are the main criminals of the Start Group.
The amount of money laundered by Start Group is extremely huge.
At the same time, their money laundering methods are extremely secretive.
Start Group is the biggest cancer in the digital currency field.
They can control CZ, Xu Mingxing (0K Exchange) and others.
Judicial authorities around the world should immediately get rid of
the Start Group (digital currency cancer) to prevent crises such as
drugs and terrorism from sweeping the world.

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  1. 白云
    COPYRIGHT @baiyun91586947
    PICTURE At Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Wang Dongfeng (sinofate) plays with women.
    At the same time, his control of OKX (0x6cC5F688a315f3dC28A7781717a9A798a59fDA7b) caused OKB to plummet 50%.

    There are a large number of daily transactions between the following
    ethmaniac. eth; Ox7499DIC29cAF9C7235315AD63501
    Wang Dongfeng sinofate. eth);
    Ox4093FBe60aB50AB79a5Bd32Fa2adEC255372f80E cai Wensheng);
    Ox716034C25D9Fb4b38c837aFe417B7f2b9af3E9AE Cai Wensheng);
    longling. eth (OxOF576fEOa916Ca39Ee929fOcc956cFc9D2A59C12 cai
    161160. eth (Ox6d8F7D626579912db6AD3F671b2b50ED3B82Abbd
    Wang Dongfeng)
    001 eeag7begsgtbg45_
    I c3ec3t4eeebOd29e
    oxl b6370ef750f6S04cw
    1320241 q
    1 3108902
    1 3096207
    2021-09-09 1642.27
    202109-09 51823
    2021-08-27 1511:18
    O longlinq.eth to
    0 161160eth
    ginance 16
    Binance15 LP
    O eth
    O ethmaniac. eth
    O ethmaniøc. eth
    O ethmaniac.eth
    O ethmaniac eth
    O eth
    O eth
    O ethmaniac.eth
    O ethmaniac. eth
    O ethmaniac eth
    O ethmaniec eth
    O eth
    0 ethmaniac.eth
    O ethmaniac.eth
    O ethmaniac,eth
    O ethmaniüC. eth
    O ethmaniac eth
    100 ETH
    10 ETH
    19.9965 ETH
    130 ETH
    157.9987 ETH
    & 002255
    c, 003927
    Wang Dongfeng, Cai Wensheng, and Dong Lidan used
    wallets to cause the bankruptcy of 3AC.
    19:00 Nansen (Ox4093fbe60abS0ab79a5bd32fa2adec255372f80e) 21.2 h 1.83
    Fj, Larry Cermak tgü,
    17:14 Etherscan (ox716034C25D9Fb4b3&837aFe417B7f2b9af3E9AE) 17:14 2681.15ETH (ffHA$J 254
    17:10 Zapper üE, (Ox7w)34C25D9Fb4b38c837aFe417B7f2b9af3E9AE) Compound 24,941.01ETH
    $25.78million) $21.19million USDT+USDC Sd9fb4b38c837afe417b7f2b9a
    17: oo Etherscan (Ox716034C25D9Fb4b38c837aFe417B7f2b9af3E9AE) 4 13,478.31 ETH Gifi 1
    Tether üE, *-FTether
    “Nexo Nex05
    zapper Nansen Aave 211,999.12aWETH 2.35 {Z*jt)
    1.83 USDC+USDT ETH $1014 “if, USDT/USDC
    11th, LUNA
    100 {Z.æitfiÆF.

  2. COPYRIGHT TruthLabs @BoringSleuth
    In the below thread, we are going to take a look at the wallets that were the first depositors into many of the 60+
    @HuobiGlobal Exchange addresses.
    You should care, as this group of wallets is associated with some of the biggest fraud in Web 3, & contain names I often cover.
    Jul 14, 2023
    The first Huobi Exchange wallet we will look at is Huobi’s original Exchange address 1. We can see below, that Cryptopia.dcl.eth was the original funder of this Exchange address. Who is Cryptopia.dcl.eth associated with on-chain?
    @MultichainOrg Dev & @FundPreangel

    For a quick intermission, you can view my Longling Capital, Hashkey, Wanxiang, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation, Prometheum, and PreAngel thread here:
    If you only knew how much the CCP controlled Ethereum, ERC20’s, and a long list of others.
    Below is a sample of our Bridge to Truth, which we have been working on and will share with you at a later date.

  3. How does one control the ethereum network?

    @BoringSleuth answer
    By overall Market Share and control over the majority of Devs and Platforms that are viewed successful, because they also Partner with the influencers on Twitter. That’s how.

    How many validators can be run on one machine? Unique validators doesn’t mean unique operators. What if it was infiltrated from the get go? 2 CCP companies, Microsoft, Consensys, and a Thiel Fellow company about Prediction Markets tied to Twitter were the sponsors of Devcon 1. I have no doubt there are a ton of great developers working in ethereum for all of the right reasons. I see only a couple, though original core devs, come up consistently that are tied to the criminal org. Ether scan is one of a handful of sites I use often.

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