1. SEC Gensler Claims All of Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction
    “The public is the SEC’s client. The merge turned Ether into a Security. staked cryptocurrencies may be subject to federal securities regulations.
    In a bold and potentially unprecedented move buried in the lawsuit’s 69th paragraph, the SEC today claimed it had the right to sue Balina not only because his case concerns transactions made in the United States, but also because, essentially, the entire Ethereum network falls under the US government’s purview.In its complaint, the regulator noted that the ETH sent to Balina was “validated by a network of nodes on the Ethereum blockchain, which are clustered more densely in the United States than in any other country.The SEC then concludes: “As a result, those transactions took place in the United States.” Gensler (worth over 100 million) says because more of Ethereum’s validating nodes currently operate in the United States than in any other country, all Ethereum transactions globally should be considered of American origin. Currently, 45.85% of all Ethereum nodes operate from the United States, according to Etherscan. Only 2 addresses which arouse new centralization concerns.
    The first address has a share of 28.97%, contributing to the validation of up to 188 blocks alone. the second address has validated 105 blocks, taking a large chunk of 16.18% contribution. Both addresses could belong to the Ethereum Foundation and American multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co. The second-greatest density of nodes is in Germany, with only 19%, by comparison. more
  2. SEC Claims All of Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction
    In a civil complaint against a crypto influencer, the SEC suggested that it believes the U.S. government has jurisdiction over all Ethereum transactions.
  3. “The endgame is just money moving invisibly, as easily as information” – David Schwartz, CTO @Ripple $xrp #fintech #crypto
  4. Bitcoin is dead for the 400th time.
  5. The innovation behind PoW is precisely the fact that it *doesn’t* rely exclusively on software (an abstraction) to keep the ledger systemically secure, but instead incorporates real-world physics (watts) to impose real-world physical constraints on people/computers who run it.
  6. Colorado now accepts Bitcoin through PayPal for tax payments.
  7. Nasdaq Starts Crypto Custody Service for Institutional Clients
  8. MicroStrategy Buys 301 More Bitcoins, Now Holds Almost 130K
  9. MICROSTRATEGY just bought $6m #Bitcoin at around 19,000.
  10. Hong Kong Monetary Authority Plans to Begin CBDC Trials in Q4
  11. Called the bitcoin customer support line and they asked me to “please hodl”.


Over 7 Million US Seniors Have Mental Declines That Threaten Financial Skills 75% or more — who appear to be managing their own finances nonetheless. STUDY 65 and older whose cognitive health (memory and thinking) status could be established. Almost 6% had dementia, and about 14% had experienced some level of reduced thinking capacity — otherwise known as “cognitively impaired nondementia” (CIND). Taken together, this group of one in five participants represented roughly 7.4 million Americans, the team said, and was more likely to include relatively older seniors “Many of them report difficulty managing finances and live alone, yet own large amount of risky assets,” Li said.

Former SEC Ombudsman Misled Congress and IG, Probe Alleges
The SEC official charged with helping the public navigate the agency’s complex system lied to investigators, added misleading information in reports to Congress, and didn’t log hundreds of entries into the agency’s tip program, according to an Inspector General investigation. The Inspector General’s Office, the SEC and the Office of the Ombudsman didn’t return messages seeking comment. The report doesn’t name the former ombudsman but it points directly to portions of annual reports between 2017 and 2021 that were prepared by Tracey L. McNeil, the agency’s first ombudsman. McNeil was appointed in 2014 and left the SEC in April. The allegations stem from inspector general audits of the TCR program and of the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, according to a May 24, 2021 letter from former Inspector General Carl Hoecker to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler obtained by Bloomberg Law.

New York hospitals got COVID bailouts. Then executives got $73M in bonuses. How we reported it.
As COVID raged in New York hospitals, executives pocketed $73M in bonuses. About 250 top hospital executives across New York collected about $73 million in bonuses just in 2020 alone. That money was supposed to go to patient care, PPE, and staffing for frontline healthcare workers. Never underestimate the 1%’s ability to turn a crisis into a cash grab.
As frontline hospital workers persevered amid unsafe conditions and taxpayer-funded emergency COVID-19 relief flowed to hospitals…more than 250 top hospital officials across the state reaped about $73 million in total bonuses in 2020 alone.”

The Psychology Behind Unethical Behavior by Dr. Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg
First, there’s omnipotence: when someone feels so aggrandized and entitled that they believe the rules of decent behavior don’t apply to them. Second, we have cultural numbness: when others play along and gradually begin to accept and embody deviant norms. Finally, we see justified neglect: when people don’t speak up about ethical breaches because they are thinking of more immediate rewards such as staying on a good footing with the powerful.

A GOP county official in Georgia & operatives working w/ Trump attorney Sidney Powell spent hours inside restricted area of local elections office on day voting systems there were breached, per surveillance video.

US Customs Duplicates Phone and Laptop Contents of Travelers

“The untold story of Jones Day’s push to move the American government and courts to the right” by David Enrich
“Jones Day’s influence seems poised to grow. This year, it has been collecting fees from a remarkable assortment of prominent Republican players: a Trump political-action committee; moderates like Senator Susan Collins; Trump allies like Dr. Mehmet Oz; hard-liners like Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House minority leader, and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin — not to mention an assortment of super PACs supporting fringe candidates like Herschel Walker, the former N.F.L. star who is running for a Senate seat in Georgia. [Jones Day partner Noel] Francisco recently represented former Attorney General Bill Barr before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. McGahn recently began representing Senator Lindsey Graham as he fights a grand jury subpoena to testify about Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results in Georgia.”
Jones Day was outside counsel for the Trump 2016 and Trump 2020 political campaigns and represented Trump in lawsuits seeking to stop votes from being counted in the 2020 election.

It’s official: The Republican Party’s top two 2024 Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, are now under criminal investigation. DeSantis is a Human Trafficker.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Have Mysteriously Disappeared from this Week’s Senate and House Banking Hearings The ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, Republican Pat Toomey of PA, does not seem like a person who would agree to subpoena the CEO of Goldman Sachs to appear. Since 2011, Goldman Sachs ranks as Toomey’s third largest campaign donor.Democrat Maxine Waters, can issue a subpoena as long as she first “consults” with the ranking member. Currently that ranking member is the right-wing Republican Patrick McHenry of North Carolina whose top-10 largest campaign donors in the current election cycle include Wall Street mega banks, private equity firms and asset managers, among others.Jones Day, the law firm that dominated the Donald Trump administration and sent 12 of its law partners to executive branch positions on the very day that Trump was inaugurated, is also long-time counsel to both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Curiously, while Jones Day’s employees and their family members gave 74.62 percent of their campaign donations to Republicans in the 2016 presidential election that put Trump in the White House, in the current campaign cycle 68 percent of their donations have gone to Democrats, for a whopping $338,654 in campaign donations thus far.

Condemning Trump Doesn’t Change Bill Barr’s Ideology
Why Bill Barr Turned on Trump
No one should think he’s having second thoughts about the awful things he did in office.

Court Filing donald j. trump plaintiff-appellee eleventh cirtuit court of appeals

Why Trump keeps bringing up declassification.
The thing with Trump is that it is ALWAYS worse than it looks 1/

Trump’s “legal team objected to Dearie’s request that it ‘disclose specific information regarding declassification to the Court and the Government.’” Well, yeah! Did Trump expect that he could just keep HINTING that he MIGHT’VE declassified some of them?

Legal analysis Thread by Akiva Cohen
Judge Dearie apparently issued a “shit or get off the pot” order: Trump needs to specifically (and in a form that can be used against him later) identify what he claims he declassified. How does Trump expect the Special Master to rule on executive privilege claims, or claims that documents belong to him, if he won’t specify which “documents containing national defense information that would damage the country if disclosed” he “declassified”?
“I declassified everything as I left” means “I knew I was taking information that was classified and didn’t make an item-by-item judgment that particular information would no longer harm national security if disclosed”
That’s *poison* to any 793 defense. Judge Dearie has overseen enough litigation to know that 3 weeks to review and designate this few documents is more than enough, this isn’t fooling him. Declassified ≠ “Mine!”


Trump has now fully embraced Q-Anon.
You can’t dismiss the importance of this.
Arrest the Church Pro Death cult prays for the end of the world

Tea Party Organizer Virginia Thomas forbids abortion.

Bruce Wilson @brucewilson
That “Nazi salute” being displayed at Trump rallies? It’s even *more* Nazi than the MSM gets
It’s from a pep talk theocratic evangelical  New Apostolic Reformation, 7 Mountains Dominionism leader Lance Wallnau has been doing, for years, about the movie “Gladiator” on how a disciplined minority can prevail “As one!”

Pastor Mark Burns with Roger Stone on Jan 6.

MAGA pastor Mark Burns praises televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel network for being one of the only places where people like him can openly “talk about Jesus Christ and taking over government.”
Trump-loving pastor Mark Burns is running for Trey Gowdy’s seat in South Carolina.

@craigunger #DeleteCNN
Just now, on #CNN re immigration, MV, etc. Instead of expert from Biden admin, CNN had Chad Wolf, Trump’s former acting head of Homeland Security. They omit that he was architect of Trump’s family separation policy & that his cabinet appointment was illegal. Very, very Trumpy!

COVID is just like the flu now” yes, we all have fond memories during flu season of losing our senses and catching Long Flu for months. Normalizing this as a permanent cause of mass death or disabling means we need universal healthcare yesterday.


The Trump judge ruling on the Mar-a-Lago affair is defying established law

Ruling the US supreme court isn’t enough. The right wants to amend the constitution

Proud Boys memo reveals meticulous planning for ‘street-level violence’

Utah polygamist sect accused of indoctrination, rape and child marriage

Fury over ‘forever chemicals’ as US states spread toxic sewage sludge

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