Goldman, JPMorgan, Citi Suspend Political Donations

JPMorgan Chase will suspend all political action committee donations to Republicans and Democrats for the next six months after last week’s riot at the Capitol. Dimon found a way to both-sides this.
Oh boy, six months! Lol they’ve already made their buys for the season, so brave. Good. Corporate money fuels fascism. Nobody needs that.
In politics , like with the mafia, when you pay someone You own that person. corporate sponsors , mega donors should not donate more than a stipulated amount to any politician , in any country.
Keep all corporate donors out of our elections. JPMorgan has been donating to the Republican party for the past 4 years, JPMorgan it’s part of the problem. JPMorgan Chase doesn’t want to overpay for the insurrection they already paid for. No sense to keep paying when they’ve already paid *just enough* the past several years to tip our country over into insanity with white nationalists storming the Capitol for white supremacy.
Democrats were not involved in this armed insurrection. The MAGAts caused the insurrection. The GOP incited and supported insurrection. The Dems are defending democracy. Even after a violent coup attempt, corporate money is hedging its bets with both-sides-ism. Citizens United must be undone.
“Both sides” didn’t just attempt a coup. Glad your money’s out of elections. Keep it out. But don’t pretend to moral high ground cause that’s just baloney.
All this right when bitcoin is getting hot. Banks spent years saying bitcoin was garbage.

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