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Pfizer VaccineJOB: Senior Cyber Threat Hunter

I’m looking for a motivated individual to join my team as a Sr Cyber Threat Hunter who will be responsible for identifying advanced adversary activity! Come help protect a company on the frontlines of creating breakthroughs that change patients’ lives!—Pennsylvania—Collegeville/Senior-Cyber-Threat-Hunter_4801101-1

Pandemic Bailout Amounts Show What’s Wrong with America.
The most unemployed poor people got: $1,200
Joel Osteen, who drives $325,000 cars, lives in a $10 million mansion, and shakes down his congregation for $600,000 in tax-free cash each week: $4,400,000

The Great Dispersion & the Future of Healthcare | The Prof G Show

The new Commander-in-Chief should direct the incoming Secretary of Defense to investigate for sedition any member of the US Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard who as a member of Congress signed onto Texas’s seditious and unanimously rejected US Supreme Court lawsuit.

Super Spreaders: Kakistocracy White House staff members will be among the first to be vaccinated. So it isn’t a hoax anymore? They should get the hoax vaccine. Class warfare works in mysterious ways. They should get the placebo, or back of the line since they think this a joke/Democratic hoax


Northwestern University Removes Joseph Epstein After WSJ Op-Ed on Dr Jill Biden

OBIT Norman Abramson, Pioneer Behind Wireless Networks, Dies at 88

How to steal photos off someone’s iPhone from across the street
Hollywood version:
Imagine that Ethan Hunt (or Ilsa Faust) walked up to chat with you, and the conversation lasted for several minutes.  (to satisfy covid-safety reqt, all people involved worn a mask in this scene) he (or she) thanked you and walked away. you might think that this was your lucky day, but then you remembered this Ian Beer’s ios attack, and you hadn’t had time to patch your iphone … needless to say, the secrets stored in your phone were now in the hands of Hunt (or Faust).

geek version:


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Bitcoin went up past $20,000 this morning 12/16/2020

1 bitcoin $20, 603        +5.97%     9:48 EST
0.5 = 10,301.53
it’s probably going past $21,000 tomorrow but will keep swinging up and down all through next week. Hold onto your hats.

  1. You either keep the bitcoin info on your own Wallet
    Or you allow someone else to keep the info instead
  2.  You should always keep your own info cause then you own it.
    ► ► A “wallet” is either an address or a collection of addresses mathematically derived from a equation everyone uses but with different variables.
    ► ► It’s a string of numbers.
    ► ►You either possess the variables or you do not.

K12 Education

FCC announces billions of dollars in awards to provide rural areas with broadband access. The $9.2 billion in funding will help companies provide broadband Internet service to millions of Americans who now lack access to reliable service. Bastard FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called the awards the “single largest step ever taken to bridge the digital divide.” Fuck Ajit Pai
All these companies have already been paid since 1995 to build it out but they stole the money and never did the job. WP

K12 charter business

How did the charter sector do?  When you add the pieces together, it adds up to nearly $1.3 billion.

Carol Burris: How Charter Schools Cashed in on the Paycheck Protection Program

We matched the amounts with our previously identified group of charter schools and charter chain recipients. In total, those charters received an astounding $1,279,455,958.


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