Creativity, and his organization the Church of the Creator.

Today’s a good day to share the definitive thread on Glenn Greenwald. It’s a doozy. Betcha didn’t see the “Glenn Greenwald: Nazi lawyer” story coming.

So now we have self-described “progressives” like Glen Greenwald and @mtracey telling us that the threat of white nationalism in the USA is “nonexistent” (as Tracey put it), and when called out for that GG chimes in and claims that we “needs be keep the threat in perspective.”

2) This is of course, classic Greenwald. The unfortunate truth is that this would-be icon of progressive politics in fact has a long history of minimizing, apologizing for, and empowering white supremacists, then wrapping himself in a self-righteous Free Speech blanket.

3) Gather ‘round, kids, while I replay for you the tale of the little Pontifex Maximus and his lawyer. Better settle in, because it’s a massive, 100-plus-tweet thread. But worth it.

4) It all kind of begins in 1956, when a man named Ben Klassen invented an early version of an electric can opener and patented the device. Klassen was a tinkerer who had made a killing in real estate; he was a cofounder of Silver Springs, NV, and had walked away with a bundle.


6) Having made a couple of small fortunes, Klassen decided to become a politician. A longtime member of the John Birch Society, he ran for the Florida House from his home in Broward County 1966 and won on an anti-busing, anti-government platform. He only served one term.

7) Klassen also headed up a local group supporting George Wallace’s presidential candidacy. After losing his seat in 1968, Klassen decided the Republicans and Democrats were too corrupted by Jews and founded his own party, the Nationalist White Party, in 1970.


White people are the obvious cream of God’s creation, and as such should be held as the repositories of God’s Will, the holders of all religious, political and economic power.


oh yes, it is worth reading to the end

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