Grift and Fraud Headlines 9-17-2020

First death reported following a ransomware attack on a German hospital
Death occurred after a patient was diverted to a nearby hospital after the Duesseldorf University Hospital suffered a ransomware attack.

Race Wars / Class Wars / Religious Wars / Gender Wars / are all keeping you busy while the 1% don’t pay taxes and rob you of health care and your future.

Labor Unions  invented the weekend and only labor can deliver on  your dreams.

If Facebook wasn’t the biggest media monopoly in the world, we wouldn’t have to depend on it to tag Fox News’s lies. Break it up.

Facebook and Instagram Flag Tucker Carlson Virus Posts
The social media platforms warn viewers that the Fox News host’s interview with a Chinese virologist contained “false information” about Covid-19.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin: “There are these homegrown terrorists … how many of them of white supremacists?” FBI Dir. Chris Wray: “Within the domestic terrorism bucket, category as a whole, racially motivated violent extremism is I think the biggest bucket within that larger group.”

Kentucky, please don’t vote for Mitch. I can’t stand to look at those jowls and round eyeglasses for another six years. ~ Stephen King

Movie – Talk Radio brainwashed my father.

QAnon/GOP Senate Nominee Is A Racist Flat-Earther With Arrest Record For Heroin, Meth, DUI, And More

Lauren Witzke for U.S. Senate (@LaurenWitzkeDE) September 16, 2020

It’s not just Fuentes with whom Witzke communicates. She also is regularly in contact with anti-Semitic and white nationalist figures in the “America First” faction of the pro-Trump right. Witzke has posted racist messages of her own on social media, calling Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “third world” and “tards.”

Is your government insane?

SAUDI-ISRAEL NORMALIZATION. In 2015, the Saudis, Israelis and Emiratis sealed a detente to aid Trump’s election, which they did—illegally. Now their years-old plot is going public via a series of sham “peace deals” aimed at making Trump look diplomatic. The Saudis are up next.

Citizens for Ethics: Article I of the U.S. Constitution vests the House of Representatives with the power to impeach a federal official for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” We explain here why the House should impeach AG Barr:

Bill Barr literally believes he’s Attorney-General as an agent of god. Trump or otherwise, his goal is to create a theocratic, oppressive society.

VIDEO reminder that Epstein died under extremely questionable circumstances under Bill Barr’s watch. #PedoTrump

Kevin McCarthy @GOPLeader
Republican Leader and Representative of California’s 23rd District in the House of Representatives. “Listening to the preparation of what we’ve been able to do with Operation Warp Speed, to be able to deliver it when that time comes, if I just take the words of the CDC and the president, the president is right.”

Invisible company owned by Rudy Giuliani got taxpayer-backed PPP money — but where did it go?

NSA watchdog finds abusive behavior, grift at senior levels

Congressional investigation finds over $1 billion in coronavirus aid fraud

Two men have been charged with allegedly defrauding cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers out of at least $16.8 million using a variety of different techniques to steal funds.

Who’s Reading Your Text Messages? APT41 (allegedly a Chinese group) apparently installed software into telecom infrastructure to monitor SMS messages.

US charges APT 41 group members for hacking over 100 companies

Social Engineering #Iran’s use of #spearphishing w/ WhatsApp & LinkedIn… the Iranians impersonated known journalist and their LinkedIn accounts.”

New Windows exploit lets you instantly become admin. Have you patched?

There is a long history of cybersecurity issues in the automotive history

This electrical transmission tower has a little problem. can you spot it? actually, it’s not a small problem–it cost us 16.65 *billion* dollars and caused the deaths of 85 people.


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