Call for UN probe over reports that China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population

Call for UN probe over reports that China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population

A state-orchestrated campaign is slashing births among the minority Uighurs of China’s far west Xinjiang region with brutal efficiency.

The report by China scholar Adrian Zenz, released on Monday, has prompted a coalition of leading international politicians to call for an independent United Nations investigation into human rights abuses in Xinjiang, to prevent the further suffering of the Uighur people. 

A statement by the interparliamentary alliance on China (IPAC) cites “a body of mounting evidence” of alleged “mass incarceration, indoctrination, extrajudicial detention, invasive surveillance, forced labour, and the destruction of Uighur cultural sites,” as the basis for action by the UN General Assembly.

Professor Zenz’s new research suggests that the sudden fall in Uighur birthrates coincides with reports of a Chinese state policy of intrusive birth prevention, including female sterilisation.

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  1. Multiyear Surveillance Campaigns Discovered Targeting Uyghurs

    By Apurva Kumar, Christoph Hebeisen, Kristin Del Rosso

    The Lookout Threat Intelligence team has discovered four Android surveillanceware tools, which we named SilkBean, DoubleAgent, CarbonSteal, and GoldenEagle. These four interconnected malware tools are elements of much larger mAPT (mobile advanced persistent threat) campaigns originating in China, and primarily targeting the Uyghur ethnic minority. Activity of these surveillance campaigns has been observed as far back as 2013.1

    The primary aim of these apps is to gather and exfiltrate personal user data to attacker-operated command-and-control servers. Each malware tool has its own unique data gathering priorities and techniques, as detailed in our full report. Many samples of these malware tools were trojanized legitimate apps, i.e., the malware maintained complete functionality of the applications they were impersonating in addition to its hidden malicious capabilities.

    Lookout has found evidence that the malware predominantly targeted Uyghurs, but also, to a lesser extent, Tibetans. These two groups are reportedly the main focus of China’s “counter-terrorism” activity.2 Titles and in-app functionality of samples, such as “Sarkuy” (Uyghur music service), “TIBBIYJAWHAR” (Uyghur pharmaceutical app) and “Tawarim” (Uyghur e-commerce site) show that the majority of this activity focused on Uyghurs.

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