Update: TIL a New Word Scenius and about the Cargo Cult Science

Q: Language – do you need words? 

A: Yes, To Help you think, cause you can’t think without words.

TIL = Today I Learned


The ability, intuition and creative intelligence of a community, group, society or organization to create what the collective group of people aspire, choose and produce a variety of just, positive and empowering outcomes that are inclusive and meet the choices of all within that community, group, society or organization which are naturally prioritized effectively and efficiently in order of optimum health, human rights, right to life, animal rights and shared prosperity for all.

Scenius and the creator of the concept is a gentleman called Brian Eno [yes THAT Brian Eno] who describes beautifully what a collective group can create positively with their collective mind and thoughts to ensure a group or society create and achieve what is necessary, each using their creative intelligence and a person creating the picture in specific ways.

What led me to learn this new word?

My Curiosity about K12 #STEAM and it’s relationship to Cargo Cult Science

I highly recommend reading this chapter:

Upgrade your cargo cult for the win by David Chapman 

What does it take for a community or institution to address a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world effectively? Mission statements, structures, principles, and procedures are not good enough.

This chapter is from his book “Meaningness”
Better ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—around problems of meaning and meaninglessness; self and society; ethics, purpose, and value.

This started me start thinking about…

“The Cargo Culting of America” ~ Karen Ellis

I began to wonder how the exploitation and cargo culting of America happened.

We were all bamboozled, because of the lawless, unregulated,  technology platforms  like  amazon/apple/facebook/google/tweeter/instagram/youtube/snapchat/tiktok/paypal/zoom/NYTpodcasts and all the rest of the companies who have marketed the “build it and they will come” religion to the american people since 1994.

The american cargo cult content builders all bought into it, and they still do. We did it without agency, just like the World War II, Pacific islanders did  for the airlines. We all went out there and built content on the tech company gods’ internet runways who harvested and sold our data.

We worshipped the technology gods. Would any of the content built bring the people money or would it just make the the tech gods rich and help destroy democracy? Did the “build it and they will come” cargo cult religious know that building content on those internet runways the corps owned – would help to destroy our democracy?  Tech gods like zuckerberg don’t want to talk about. They buy tech people to protect  Tech gods and their money.

We’ve all known the saying ” the internet kills anything it touches” is true – Amazon just killed off lots of businesses  during covid-19. Bezos made BILLIONS more  and destroyed other people who depended on that platform for their own money.  These same technology  platforms also lied about harvesting  your data to sell which  made them rich – not you.

Cause YOU are the cargo cult for the technology gods. [cambridge analytica]

Microsoft and Apple got rich off all the tax payers dollars spent on all the equipment placed into all every school district across America, without even having 1 Privacy Officer in any state department of education responsible for shielding every student’s data from being harvested and sold. Is that moral / ethical? – who cares about that, that’s not what the cargo cult needs.

Technology gods are totally lawless, totally unregulated –  amoral and unethical businesses that wall street just adores! <stock goes up>

Just like the Polynesians, Americans still build all the runways without any agency. They are lied to about what tangible money $$$ from these technology gods will ever show up in their bank account. The Gods own you, they can delete you anytime. Since 1994 the cargo cult has been told to build it and they will come, and they  are still building. And still worshipping the secret sauce the gods control that allow you to earn the money if you do the tribal worship dance.

All the runways the cargo cult built are found in any search engine that the technology Gods control.  Build content that shows what google does to control the information you can learn about  – how they acutlly work and you get banned. It’s been done to me.  That page will not show in their search engine. They censored it. That means they censor the whole site. Most of the cargo cult doesn’t make money.

Tech gods spent the last 25 years harvesting  then selling your data, and they still own us. There is no law that turns that around. <stock goes up> Our Metadata collected by the NYT and all the big platforms collect it and sell it, are just as evil.

We are – all of us – everyone typing away reading this – worshiping the tech gods and doing  whatever religious dance you do for garnering  [hits] [page views] etc. or  just buying the damn bots, and algos.

Hate, and strong emotions sells. Dopamine hits bring in the big payoff.  Tribal cult “influencers”  do the followers dance they are the church worshiping in the cargo cult religion and will their religious rituals make it rain? They are all hoping the technology gods will  pay off one day.



I am not using “cargo culting” as a negative, pejorative, nasty, demeaning  ethnic/racial term to describe the inhabitants and diaspora of any of the three major sub-regions of Oceania (Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia) Pacific Islanders, or Pasifika  they are the peoples of the Pacific Islands.


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July-August 1999. Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988) was one of the

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International Electronic Espionage through a network known as Echelon.
To borrow a line from Richard Feynman, what is the source of

K12 Federal Education Policy Reform Realism defined.
I refer my to Richard Feynman’s writings on being on the State

Management theorists describe “learning organizations” that don’t base themselves on fixed structures, principles, and procedures. Rather, they conduct continuous meta-systematic reflection on their own commitments, and revise those accordingly. Such organizations also foster the learning and development of their members so they can take on increasingly challenging, interesting, and valuable responsibilities. There are abstract and concrete steps an organization can take to transform itself from a cargo cult into a dynamically innovating scene.23


Meet the chief of Vanuatu’s ‘cargo cult’

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