DeVos stealing public school money to give to herself.

Congress blocked Secretary Betsy DeVos so she is takng the  $2 trillion stimulus bill to boost private and religious schools. Our Tax Money was intended for public schools.

Billionaire BETSY DeVoss gets Covid-19 cash for her own charter schools.

We didn’t shut everything down just because. We did it to buy time for a plan to save lives, so that by now we could be beating the pandemic by working the plan.


Robert Reich
The GOP Playbook 101:
1) Bail out corporations with no strings attached in an economic crisis.
2) Collect campaign funds from the same companies and execs.
3) Complain about the deficit.
4) Demand cuts to programs that benefit the American people.
5) Repeat.

The Agriculture Department awarded $1.2 billion to several little-known companies to send excess farm products to food banks. The Agriculture Department has awarded multimillion-dollar contracts to companies that appear to have little experience working with food banks or farmers, spurning several big produce companies with extensive expertise in food distribution.

It’s no longer “Republican” vs “Democrat.” It’s “people who understand the unique & dangerous threat Trump is” vs “people who don’t.”

Trump is admitting that grandparents and vulnerable populations have to die because the economy must reopen.

Definition of a Covidiot
Trump supporters know if his bad decisions are the cause of a bad economy  he won’t win the election. Trump believed his ignorant ass son in law Jarad Kushner who told him not to test. Cause you know, if you don’t test — then no one is sick. These covdiots want to help Drumpf win so they are willing to open their  business and help turn the economy around [which is impossible] anyway.  They will be dead, and Drumpf will lose.

#OperationWarpSpeed #OperationWarpedTrump




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  1. Corey A. DeAngelis Director of School Choice at @ReasonFdn Adjunct Scholar at @CatoInstitute
    David Koch’s brother Charles also became active in the libertarian movement, funded several libertarian organizations including the Cato Institute. [privatization ideas steal money from the commons that is for the common good into their own private pockets]
    David Koch funded the Cato Institute Betsy DeVos is using the coronavirus pandemic to advance her anti-public school agenda.
    DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools

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