NY will prosecute people who have received a presidential pardon for the same offense

Trump’s new claim comparing himself to a ‘king’ sets off alarms among legal experts

The Trump administration is sending elite units, the equivalent of Border Patrol SWAT teams, to sanctuary cities to help ICE round up undocumented immigrants. It’s a projection of strength and cruelty that hides their insecurity and fear. This entire movement is about overcompensation. Every fascist movement is about overcompensation.

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Wednesday that will allow the state to prosecute people who have received a presidential pardon for the same offense, which could potentially affect associates of President Donald Trump…”


CREW Requests Treasury Records on Jessie Liu Nomination Withdrawal
On February 11, 2020, President Trump withdrew his nomination for Jessie Liu to serve as the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes.  Previously, Liu had served as the U.S. attorney for DC and supervised the case against Roger Stone. On February 12 during the Senate Finance Committee hearing, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin testified that he was informed about the Liu decision two days ago. Senator Sherrod Brown then asked why she was withdrawn; Mnuchin responded only by saying “nominations are at the President’s direction.”  The same day, CNN reported that the decision to pull Liu’s nomination was directly linked to her oversight of Stone’s case.

This is what institutional corruption looks like.

Hillary Clinton — cleared
James Comey — cleared
Barack Obama — cleared
Lisa Page — cleared
Peter Strzok — cleared
Andrew McCabe — cleared


Manafort — guilty
Gates — guilty
Flynn — guilty
Stone — guilty
Cohen — guilty
Papadopoulos — guilty
Kilimnik — guilty

Trump is scared of California,’ the ‘most un-Trump state in America’

Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate

Student LOAN debt crisis reached $1,702,951,418,116 Total

@DebtCrisisOrg Total cost of the 2017 Republican tax cuts for corporations and billionaires: $1.9 trillion

South Florida activist Elijah Manley, says the Bloomberg campaign offered him $6,500 per month to be a racial-justice adviser, but he declined and says the campaign seemingly just wanted to buy black support.

America has socialism for the rich, harsh capitalism for everyone else.

2018 talk the mayor delivered at the International Monetary Fund may only contribute to that scrutiny.

In the video, which appears on the IMF’s YouTube channel and shows Bloomberg in conversation with Christine Lagarde, then-head of the IMF, the former mayor criticizes minimum-wage laws and defends the practice of fingerprinting food-stamp recipients, which he enforced during his time in office.

Warren is the only candidate hammering Trump’s criminality and that’s why the media can’t deal with her because running her speeches involves confronting how we have all allowed organized crime to swallow us all alive, we were so naïve to think we were immune to the mafia. We really just don’t talk enough about how @ewarren created an entire federal agency for the purpose of holding corporations accountable AS A LAW PROFESSOR WITH NO POLITICAL POWER TO SPEAK OF! IMAGINE WHAT SHE COULD DO AS PRESIDENT!


Fed Chair Powell Is a Member of a Private Club with a History of Racism and Sexism

Trump’s tax holiday saved Oracle $9.5B on $43B the company had stashed abroad. Now, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder, is hosting a $100,000-a-ticket fundraiser for Trump’s reelection campaign.

Trump’s economic record:
Trump: I will eliminate the federal debt.
*Debt has exploded.
Trump: I won’t cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.
*Proposes cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
Trump: Families will get a $4K tax cut.
*Tax cuts for the rich.

Trump is trying to take access to food through SNAP away from 3 million people 3 MILLION Including 1 MILLION kids who will lose automatic enrollment in school lunch programs There is no rock bottom.

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