@KimZetter What components of your voting machine – chips and capacitors are manufactured in China or Russia?

Experts: Elections commission downplaying unseen risks to 2020 vote


But Hicks’ confidence is misplaced, several election security experts told POLITICO — saying the scrutiny from the labs is not comprehensive and isn’t designed to detect so-called supply chain attacks.

“They’re not doing X-rays of the motherboards of the machines [to look for malicious chips]. They’re just doing some cursory looks at the machines,” said Matt Bernhard, a voting security researcher at the University of Michigan. “Nothing they do would catch a supply-chain attack.”

And, contrary to what Hicks said, voting machines contain hardware components and software programs that labs don’t examine, such as modems embedded in some machines and Windows or Linux operating systems.

The labs “are just assuming that [these components] are OK <snip>

This election hearing is showing some promise – they’re actually getting down and dirty with technical details. What components of your voting machine – chips and capacitors are manufactured in China or Russia?

North Carolina lawmaker asks all three voting machine vendors to give themselves a grade 1-10 on their attention to security and any nefarious activity. All of them gave pr spiels – none of them gave themselves a grade.

Question from Rep. Davis – is it possible to currently build a voting system made with parts that are only built in the US? All vendors said no. We all know this already. The issue isn’t where they are built, but what is done to catch a supply chain attack. Currently nothing.

This is everything that’s wrong with congressional hearings – Rep. Davis spends 5 minutes praising one of the witnesses who was invited to join panel because he comes from Davis’s home state. At end of lengthy praise, Davis says to him “thank you for coming, buddy”

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