Halt the use of facial-recognition technology until it is regulated

Halt the use of facial-recognition technology until it is regulated

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Until appropriate safeguards are in place, we need a moratorium on biometric technology that identifies individuals, says Kate Crawford.

Earlier this month, Ohio became the latest of several state and local governments in the United States to stop law-enforcement officers from using facial-recognition databases. The move followed reports that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency had been scanning millions of photos in state driver’s license databases, data that could be used to target and deport undocumented immigrants. Researchers at Georgetown University in Washington DC used public-record requests to reveal this previously secret operation, which was running without the consent of individuals or authorization from state or federal lawmakers.

It is not the only such project. Customs and Border Protection is using something similar at airports, creating a record of every passenger’s departure. The technology giant Amazon is building partnerships with more than 200 police departments to promote its Facial-recognition technology across the United States. Amazon gets ongoing access to video footage; police get kickbacks on technology products.

Facial-recognition technology is not ready for this kind of deployment, nor are governments ready to keep it from causing harm. Stronger regulatory safeguards are urgently needed, and so is a wider public debate about the impact it is already having. Comprehensive legislation must guarantee restrictions on its use, as well as transparency, due process and other basic rights. Until those safeguards are in place, we need a moratorium on the use of this technology in public spaces. <snip>

Big news: Ohio’s attorney general is suspending access to facial recognition databases for police officers following the news that federal agencies like ICE and the FBI are mining state databases without people’s consent



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