Mark Meadows saying ‘send Obama home to Kenya’ resurface

Videos of Mark Meadows saying ‘send Obama home to Kenya’ resurface hours after he’s accused of racist stunt – The Washington Post Learn to recognize what is Real Fake FIND YOUR K12 SCHOOL AND SUBMIT /EDIT YOUR K12 SCHOOL INFORMATION

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►”Covington Catholic is a perfect fit for a NYT Feature on how Trump’s message has resonated in this hardscrabble rural Kentucky high school riven with economic anxiety, except for its being located in a well-to-do suburb of Cincinnati and charging ten grand a year in tuition.”
Covington Catholic Teen Sues Washington Post for a Reasonable $250 Million

Crooks Created 28 Fake Ad Agencies to Disguise Massive Malvertising Campaign

Social Media Bots Fake Twitter / Instagram Followers are the business model that @Jack relies on for his advertising money.
American company named Devumi that has collected millions of dollars in a shadowy global marketplace for social media fraud. Devumi sells Twitter followers and retweets to celebrities, businesses and anyone who wants to appear more popular or exert influence online. Drawing on an estimated stock of at least 3.5 million automated accounts, each sold many times over, the company has provided customers with more than 200 million Twitter followers, a New York Times investigation found.
Of course Twitter policy doesn’t allow fake accounts but his company doesn’t get rid of fake bot accounts to keep his advertising money. It isn’t a code flaw it is a feature.
Court records showing that Devumi has more than 200,000 customers, including reality television stars, professional athletes, comedians, TED speakers, pastors and models.
For just pennies each — sometimes even less — Devumi offers Twitter followers, views on YouTube, plays on SoundCloud, the music-hosting site, and endorsements on LinkedIn, the professional-networking site.

The U.S. derivatives regulator is set to announce it has fined European lenders UBS, HSBC and Deutsche Bank millions of dollars each for so-called “spoofing” and manipulation in the U.S. futures market, three people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.



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Deadly Tech

Ethical hackers can earn 16 times a software engineers’ salary, report

The US firm behind the deadly tech, Francisco Partners, wouldn’t answer questions. It’s backed by money from Goldman Sachs & Blackstone.
New details of how deadly Israeli technology—used to spy on Khashogi associates & other dissidents—made its way to Saudi. Note: the US firm behind the tech, Francisco Partners, wouldn’t answer questions.

Hacking Team Used a U.S. Partner To Sell Spyware to the UAE

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside UAE’s unit of ex-US spies

How to Find Hidden Cameras and Spy Bugs (The Professional Way)

A decade after Russia hacked the Pentagon, Trump unshackles Cyber Command

Paul Mozur China is in the midst of one of the nastiest social media crackdowns I can recall. Over the past few months 100s – maybe 1000s – have been called in by police for the crime of being on Twitter and expressing opinions about China.

Gerry Shih Fascinating look inside the “Tiger’s Cage” where China’s elite prisoners are held. Wang Lijun the police chief who fled to the US consulate in the BXL scandal now “spends his time studying English.” BXL walks around in a business suit instead of uniform

Australia’s Defence department was badly exposed to China’s hackers

After a Hiatus, China Accelerates Cyberspying Efforts to Obtain U.S. Technology

►  VTzilla: Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension
VTzilla is a Mozilla Firefox browser plugin that simplifies the process of scanning Internet resources with VirusTotal. It allows you to download files directly with VirusTotal’s web application prior to storing them in your PC. Moreover, it will not only scan files, but also URLs.

Michael Cohen Live Testimony House Oversight Committee

Michael Cohen Testifies Before House Oversight Committee

#MichaelCohenTestimony #MichaelCohen

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, testified before the House Oversight and Reform Committee about various investigations relative to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.


Michael Cohen protected the president for 10 years. He says Republicans are lying to protect the President and themselves, like he did.

Doesn’t matter if he lied before …
RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
IRS convicted Capone of tax evasion and sentenced him to 11 years in a federal prison.
Eliot Ness’s legacy remains that of a pioneer in law enforcement who successfully combated organized crime.

Program ID:
House Committee
2154, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
First Aired:
Feb 27, 2019 | 9:47am EST | C-SPAN 3
Last Aired:
Feb 28, 2019 | 2:00am EST | C-SPAN 1

Airing Details

  • Feb 27, 2019 | 9:47am EST | C-SPAN 3
  • Feb 27, 2019 | 9:59am EST | C-SPAN 3
  • Feb 27, 2019 | 8:00pm EST | C-SPAN 1
  • Feb 28, 2019 | 2:00am EST | C-SPAN 1


► Representative JIM COOPER  2:06:28

►Allen Weisselberg




















► WIRED MONEY 1:24:06

► nine thousand 9000 lies










    Safe to open 2010 ShouldTrumpRun [d0t] com
    Safe to open 2011 
    Safe to open 2012
  • Michael Cohen’s bombshell testimony accuses President Trump of being a racist, a conman and a cheat
  • Described being present for June 2016 conversation between Trump and Roger Stone where longtime adviser described illicit contact with WikiLeaks 
  • Claimed he witnessed chat between president and Don Jr. that he believes is proof Trump knew about infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians 
  • Says Trump ‘lied’ about Moscow Trump Tower negotiations
  • Trump responded that Cohen was ‘lying in order to reduce his prison time’  
  • Cohen reveals $35,000 check Trump signed during his presidency as says was reimbursement for hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal 
  • Second check signed by Donald Trump Jr. and Trump Organization’s CFO
  • A Trump Organization official says Don Jr. was not aware when he signed it that it was part of a plan to reimburse Cohen 
  • Copies of three years of Trump financial statements furnished to Deutsche Bank, presumably to justify ability to repay major loans
  • Hearing got off to a rocky start when Republicans tried to delay it because Cohen violated rules by not sending his written testimony 24 hours in advance
  • Ranking Republican claimed Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis, a former Bill Clinton attorney, ‘orchestrated’ the hearing and persuaded Democrats to hold it

Untouchable President / Vice president policy
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow argues the ‘shaky policy’ that presidents can’t be indicted was crafted with dubious origins

Maddow also interviewed J.T. Smith, who worked in the Justice Department when that reasoning was crafted who said:

“Its purpose was to allow indictment and removal of Agnew and not to serve as the ‘last word’ on indictability of the president.”  He added: “It would be timely and appropriate for the Justice Department and Robert Mueller to reconsider the shaky policy regarding indictability of a sitting president first formulated 45 years ago.” 

Maddow did note that the policy has since been revisited and reaffirmed, but she argued that its dubious beginnings and lack of constitutional foundations make it ripe for review.

Trump, Russia and a Shadowy Business Partnership An insider describes the Bayrock Group, its links to the Trump family and its mysterious access to funds. It isn’t pretty.

Who Is Manafort’s Russian Associate in the Crosshairs of the Mueller Probe?
Paul Manafort lied to prosecutors about his meetings with Russian political operative Konstantin Kilimnik during and after the 2016 campaign. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explains what we know about Manafort’s Russian associate.

Mueller’s Findings: Why DOJ Non-Disclosure Policy and Grand Jury Secrecy May Not Apply.
As the Watergate scandal deepened in November 1973, President Richard Nixon declared: “People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.” Nixon was right. As John Dingell wrote in his deathbed farewell letter to the American people, in our system of government U.S. officials do not “have” power, but instead “hold” power in trust for the electorate they serve. Whatever Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds, the American people, and their congressional representatives, have a right to know whether they can continue to entrust President Donald Trump with the power of the presidency.

Russian Mafia and the Kremlin convicted Russian mobster Felix Saider had an office on the 26th floor the same floor as  Trumps office.
Washington Post reported  convicted Russian mobster Felix Saider was a Senior adviser to Trump and he didn’t pay rent for the office. President Trump lied under oath. Trump organization files with Felix  Sater and the BayRock organization is in a box offsight.
The Nation
Trump was directly involved with negotiating Trump Tower in Russia.
95 million dollars came in by wire.

FBI’s War Crimes Unit on the Chopping Block

A special unit within the Federal Bureau of Investigation that handles war crimes may be shut down imminently, according to officials familiar with the administration’s decision-making process.
They investigate PUBLIC CORRUPTION Kleptocracy
Kleptocracy is a form of political corruption in which the ruling government seeks personal gain and status at the expense of the governed, literally meaning “the rule by thieves.”

Robert Mercer The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency. Mercer is the co-C.E.O. of Renaissance Technologies, which is among the most profitable hedge funds in the country.
1998 satire “Bulworth.” In that film, a kamikaze candidate abandons the usual talking points and excoriates both the major political parties and the media; voters love his unconventionality, and he becomes improbably popular. If the plot sounds familiar, there’s a reason: in recent years, Caddell has offered political advice to Trump. Caddell shared the research he did for Mercer with Trump and others in the campaign, including Bannon, with whom he has partnered on numerous projects. In 2012, Caddell gave a speech at a conference sponsored by Accuracy in Media, a conservative watchdog group, in which he called the media “the enemy of the American people.”

Robert Mercer, whose spending assisted Donald Trump’s election win, used tax haven of Bermuda to avoid US taxes




Where does fake movie money come from come from?
In 2001, during the filming of “Rush Hour 2” in Las Vegas, about $1 billion in convincing prop money was blown up during a scene, but some bills escaped destruction and ended up in circulation. That’s when the Secret Service got involved.
“We also have a high grade type, better known as close up money. That’s the one you use for a close-up scene, or if somebody is counting money and putting it in someone else’s hands. That looks fantastic. But since it looks so real, we can print it on one side only.” Instead of “United States Federal Reserve,” the words under the “100” in the top left corner read “Unreal Fake Currency Reserve.”
RJR sell theirs in stacks of 100 bills, with the standard grade going for $45 per stack, and the high grade for $65. They also make a special “distressed” type of money that looks like it’s been in circulation. That costs an extra $20. While most props are rented, money is almost always purchased (and occasionally flaunted on Instagram.) But does anybody in the business use real cash?
“Yes, actually there are a number of artists who use real money,” Rappaport revealed.
“But I can’t say who uses real money and who uses fake money because it would be a security risk.” GOVERNANCE

► “When they substitute their knowledge for ours, we grow angry because they have robbed us of our agency.”

@weeklystandard @smarick Trends in governing have eroded the beliefs, norms and processes by which we learn to be accommodating citizens in a pluralistic, deliberative democracy. By manufacturing rights that limit democratic decision-making, centralizing power in Washington far from citizens’…

►  January 2019 “Within period of 72 hours, Nixon was inaugurated for second term, LBJ died, Roe v. Wade was decided, Vietnam War settlement was announced–all 46 years ago this month. ~ @BeschlossDC

Ajit Pai Refuses to Brief Congress About Why Bounty Hunters Can Buy Cell Phone Location Data

Ex-RNC Chair Puts Trump-Supporting Senators On Notice: ‘It’s All Collusion’

► Former Trump Tax Attorney Ed Burke’s Office Raided by Feds
It was reported in 2016 that Ald. Ed Burke’s firm helped Donald Trump trim $11.7M off his property taxes

Here’s What I’m Telling US Congress about Data Breaches

► “Your regular reminder that Equifax still exists. Everyone who was running the company when 148 million Americans’ data was stolen is still rich, and now their former lawyer is running the office at the Federal Trade Commission that’s supposed to investigate them.”

►  Montgomery County PA Announces Purchase of New Voting Machines

Songwriters Score Win Over Streaming Services With Pay Hike

National Music Publishers’ Association
The Copyright Royalty Board ruled that songwriters will get at least a 15.1% share of streaming revenues over the next five years, from a previous 10.5%. The CRB’s decision will require streaming services to pay 15.1 percent of revenue to songwriters and publishers, up from 10.5 percent. The court also issued a ruling regarding a late fee, which will force digital music services to pay songwriters faster, or be subject to a significant penalty.
Amazon, Apple, Google, Pandora and Spotify compelled to pay more for the use of music.
Pryor Cashman who represented NMPA and NSAI in the litigation that resulted in the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) being ruled to increase royalty payments to songwriters and music publishers from music streaming companies.
This was a hearing pitting songwriters and music publishers against five technology companies, including three of the largest companies in the world (Apple, Amazon and Google), which sought to reduce the already low rate of royalties that they pay to songwriters for the use of their music on their streaming services.

Federal Judge Asks Spotify: ‘How Many Songs Have You Infringed, Anyway?’

Mark Twain Knows What Putin Really Wants

What Putin Really Wants Russia’s strongman president has many Americans convinced of his manipulative genius. He’s really just a gambler who won big.

Association of Chief Information Security Officers, or ARSIB in Russian. Victor Minin, who has close ties to Russian intelligence, runs hacking competitions at universities all over Russia—his way, he says, of preparing future generations.

As Samuel Clemens cultivated his career as a successful writer and lecturer, he became more keenly aware of world politics. His attitude toward Russian monarchy shifted. Although he had devoted little attention to Russian politics between 1867 and 1881, a reading he delivered at the Hartford Monday Evening Club on March 22, 1886 indicates his opinion of the Russian aristocracy changed:

Power, when lodged in the hands of man, means oppression — insures oppression: it means oppression always: … give it to the high priest of the Christian Church in Russia, the Emperor, and with a wave of his hand he will brush a multitude of young men, nursing mothers, gray headed patriarchs, gently young girls, like so many unconsidered flies, into the unimaginable hells of his Siberia, and go blandly to his breakfast, unconscious that he has committed a barbarity …(2).

Clemens’s original manuscript indicates he was much more vehement in his call for assassination of the Czar than his published version. He urges Russian mothers to teach their children:

When you grow up, knife a Romanoff wherever you find him, loyalty to these cobras is treason to the nation; be a patriot, not a prig – set the people free (22).



A continued hardening of Clemens’s attitude against the Russian aristocracy, and indeed most of America’s, can be traced to a series of articles commissioned by Richard Watson Gilder, editor of Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine.

Boston Daily Globe, December 25, 1890, p. 3 CHRISTMAS GREETINGS … Mark Twain It is my heart-warm and world-embracing Christmas hope and aspiration that all of us, the high, the low, the rich, the poor, the admired, the despised, the loved, the hated, the civilized, the savage, may eventually be gathered together in a heaven of everlasting rest and peace and bliss, escape [sic] the inventor of the telephone. MARK TWAIN. Hartford, Dec. 23

Arizona State University: Fighting fake photos, one social stream at a time. “In 1855, an English photographer named Roger Fenton traveled to Crimea to document the war there. British troops dubbed one spot on the Sevastopol peninsula the ‘valley of death’ because it was under constant shelling. Fenton photographed the spot, a shallow defile littered with cannonballs. The photo (above), titled ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death,’ became famous as one of the first and most well-known images of war. The problem is it’s faked.”

Tech Oligarchy Billions in Advertising Profits

Google makes over 20 billion in advertising money

•  $US32.6 billion in advertising revenue in Q4 2018 and a $US130 billion annual run-rate now, growing 20 per cent year over year. This means one in five total advertising dollars globally goes to Google.

• Continued focus on its O&O (owned and operated) business (Search, YouTube, Mail, Maps, Assistant, etc.), citing an increase in margin thanks to “favourablele revenue mix shift from Network to Sites”. O&O makes up 83 per cent of Google’s ad revenue.

* O&O site revenue grew 23 per cent year over year where network revenue grew only 12 per cent. Their margins continue to increase. Volume of ads (measured as paid clicks) on Google properties grew 66 per cent wherthe e volume on the network sites (measured as ad impressions) grew only seven per cent.

Facebook also owns Instagram

• With their revenue run-rate at $US68 billion, approximately one in 10 total ad dollars goes to Facebook. It saw a 30 per cent growth rate, which is double that of the digital ad market.

• Seven million advertisers and 90 million small businesses use their services (most of them for free). 50% plan to increase spend on Facebook and 73 per cent plan to increase spend on Instagram.

• 2.7 billion people use Facebook’s services and two billion people use them daily. Users are growing nine per cent  year-over-year. They have 317 million fake or duplicate accounts.

• 83 times is how often the term “Stories” was referenced on their earnings call. “Privacy”, “Safety” and “Security” combined was mentioned 47 times.


• $3.4 billion in advertising revenue in Q4 2018 and a $US13.5 billion annual run rate, growing 100 per cent year over year (the total digital market is growing 15 per cent).

• Not much else to report as Amazon is not talking about their ad business. The term advertising does not appear once in their investor presentation and a mere 19 times in their SEC 10-K filing (most of which refers to their own marketing programs versus advertising as a revenue source).


• $909 million in revenue last quarter, a 24 per cent year-over-year increase. Video is half of their advertising and the driving force behind revenue growth.

• Doubling down on O&O monetization, they introduced a new metric: monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAU) to get away from chasing scale that is meaningless to advertisers. Their non O&O revenue was down 18 per cent.

* The US market is 21 per cent of their user base but 57 per cent of their revenue, they have a big revenue growth opportunity internationally.


• $US390 million in revenue in Q4 2018 and a 43 per cent growth rate (three times that of the digital market). Annual revenue hitting $US1.2 billion with a high 68 per cent cost of revenue though.

• The promise of cheap ads: “We continue to deliver incredibly competitive CPMs and low cost per outcomes, resulting in highly performant campaigns.”

• With glowing public references to ESPN and NBC, they are clearly trying to cosy up with premium content as a way to balance the “other content” on the platform. Some 30 per cent more people are watching Publisher Stories and Shows daily compared to last year.

Google / YouTube refuse to police accounts of Pedophiles that Swarm of innocent children

Google / Youtube  MONOPLY

Google  owns YouTube

refuses to police accounts of Pedophiles that Swarm of innocent children with lewd or sexual comments. they just sell advertising no matter what.

They want the public to “Flag” what is nasty.



New York Times found that disturbing content was showing up in YouTube’s children’s app, which is meant for users under 13.

Youtube Videos make money with advertisers. Videos targeted by pedophiles do not violate YouTube’s rules  became overrun with suggestive remarks directed at the children.

Many of the advertisers identified in the video  Epic Games, GNC and Nestlé’s companies in the United States, Walt Disney Company.

Advertisers like Nestle run ads on on these videos

Nestle Pays Only $524 To Extract 27,000,000 Gallons Of California Drinking Water

<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href=""></a>

The video highlighting the comments, posted by the YouTube creator Matt Watson (also known as MattsWhatItIs) and viewed 1.75 million times since it went up on Sunday, accused YouTube of “facilitating the sexual exploitation” of children.
Mr. Watson said YouTube’s recommendation system also guided predators to other similar videos of minors — many of which carry advertisements for major brands. Antitrust Monopolies FIND YOUR K12 SCHOOL AND SUBMIT /EDIT YOUR K12 SCHOOL INFORMATION

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Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, are all MONOPOLIES with the SAME power of the British East India Company.

Amazon Is Becoming More Powerful Than You Realize

Devices with microphones that can be turned on with a software auto-update need to be disclosed to consumers. Future device makers will make this mistake unless there are consequences. Google admits it messed up by not disclosing built-in mic on Nest Secure 

► CyberStalking 
“I’m gonna tell you a secret about “logless VPNs” — they don’t exist. No one is going to risk jail for your $5/mo ~ anon

Google Demanded That T-Mobile, Sprint Not Sell Google Fi Customers’ Location Data

This Is Your Brain Off Facebook – The New York Times

Senators ask Facebook why it tricked kids into spending parents’ money

Facebook just hired a handful of its toughest privacy critics

Researchers Create Algorithm to Protect Kids from Disturbing YouTube Videos