Google – Is this really funny?

Hello,  is this Gordon’s Pizza?
No sir, it’s Google Pizza.
I  must have dialed a wrong number. Sorry.
No sir, Google bought  Gordon’s Pizza last month.
OK. I would like to order a  pizza.
Do you want your usual, sir?
My usual? You know  me?
According to our caller ID data sheet, the last 12 times  you called you
ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses,  sausage, pepperoni,
mushrooms and meat balls on a thick  crust.
OK! That’s what I want …
May  I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula,
sun-dried tomatoes and olives on a whole wheat gluten free thin  crust?
What? I detest vegetables.
Your cholesterol is  not good, sir.
How the hell do you know?
Well, we  cross-referenced your home phone number with your medical
records.  We have the result of your blood tests for the last 7  years.
Okay, but I do not want your rotten vegetable pizza! I  already take
medication for my cholesterol.
Excuse me sir,  but you have not taken your medication regularly. According
to our  database, you only purchased a box of 30 cholesterol tablets once,
at Drugsale Network, 4 months ago.
I bought more from another  drugstore.
That doesn’t show on your credit card  statement.
I paid in cash.
But you did not withdraw  enough cash according to your bank statement.
I have other  sources of cash.
That doesn’t show on your last tax return  unless you bought them using an
undeclared income source, which is  against the law.
WHAT ????
I’m sorry, sir, we use such  information only with the sole intention of
helping  you.
Enough already! I’m sick to death of Google, Facebook,  Twitter, WhatsApp
and all the others. I’m going to an island without  internet, cable TV, where
there is no cell phone service and no one  to watch me or spy on me.
I understand sir, but you need to  renew your passport first. It expired 6
weeks  ago…

Sex Scandels at Philips Exeter Academy and Choate

Money,  Power, Status, and the best connections will not keep your children safe.

A former admissions officer at Phillips Exeter Academy pleaded guilty Friday to a misdemeanor count of sexually abusing a prospective student in 1973.
Arthur Peekel agreed to pay a 1200 fine and a 288 fee , participate in counseling and sex offender evaluation, and register as a sex offender.
Two Choate trustees resign amid fallout from sexual abuse report“

2018 NEA National Heritage Fellowships

Making a nomination for the 2018 NEA National Heritage Fellowships is easy-no, no SF-424.  Just visit our website to submit a nomination. The deadline is Thursday, August 3, 2017, 5:30 PM Eastern. Here are the guidelines:
Pro-tip: Don’t think you have enough time? There are two steps to the process that give you plenty of time to pull it all together.  First, you must submit the nominee’s name/info plus your contact information and nomination letter by August 3rd, 5:30 PM to the NEA website ( Then, you will have one week, from August 10 – 17th, to upload additional materials, including support letters, work samples, a more in depth biography, etc. to our applicant portal.
Take a look at the guidelines and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Best regards,
Cheryl Schiele
Folk & Traditional Arts Specialist | Multidisciplinary Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
400 7th Street SW | Washington DC 20506 | 202-682-5587 (p) | 202-682-5669 (fax)
Learn more about the arts in your community at<>

3 Jobs Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA)

Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA)  now hiring for three different positions:
∙ Digital Media Specialist, Part-Time (Los Angeles)
∙ Arts in Corrections Program Coordinator, Full-Time (Los Angeles)
∙ Arts in Corrections Program Manager, Full-Time (Fresno)
The Digital Media Specialist will be taking over some of my duties as I transition into to a program director role, so will be working closely with me. This is going to be a really cool gig, open to a lot of creativity + growth potential over time.
The other two positions will oversee ACTA’s artist-led workshops in So Cal + Central Valley prisons, respectively. Some of ACTA’s very best work!
The full job descriptions can be accessed at the link below. Please pass on widely! All positions are open until filled. Reach out to Amy Kitchener (akitch – at – and I with any questions.

ECP Nethappenings: #Health, #FinLit #Voter Supression #IOT

“There was no one with the political or regulatory strength who could control these companies” in China. Until now.

EmCare Behind Many Surprise Emergency Room Bills overcharging as a business model
Before EmCare, about 6 percent of patient visits in the hospital’s emergency room were billed for the most complex, expensive level of care. After EmCare arrived, nearly 28 percent got the highest-level billing code.$EMHC
No matter how you tweak it, CBO scores show is a tax cut for billionaires and drug companies, and it’s terrible for everyone else

Texas Republican has problem with women  “GOP Rep: Fight To Fix O’Care Is Women’s Fault, Could Be Solved With A Gun Duel
Cancer agency left in the dark over glyphosate evidence
When Aaron Blair sat down to chair a week-long meeting of 17 specialists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France in March 2015, there was something he wasn’t telling them.
#Voter Suppression
Vice-chair of fraud commission, who’s asking states for personal data on voters, has track-record of suppression. Uncovering Kris Kobach’s Anti-Voting History President Trump is expected to name Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach vice-chair of a new body to investigate supposed “voter fraud” issues in the 2016 election. Kobach is hardly a household name, but for the better part of the last decade, he has been a key architect behind many of the nation’s anti-voter and anti-immigration policies.


It's all Horrible, no wait, I mean it's all Wonderful.

Definition of Boodle, Boodle Boys and the Good Ole’ Boy Network

PR Steve Lombardo & Richard Fink Strategy behind the Koch Bros $900 million for 2016 elections campaigns


In 1995, this astronomer predicted the Internet’s greatest failure And, of course, we trolled him for it for decades.

By Rob Howard
Jul 18 2017

Rebutal – no, no, no, no, no, no! No, not that again!

Doom and gloom sells. Cassandras have prophesied accounts of war and doom, and people have been keen to echo their most terrible experiences to reinforce their own morose forecasts about the future of the world – and that it used to be so much better before. Well, I am sorry, but I maintain quite the opposite: that things are a lot better today than they ever were.
Let’s take Cliff Stoll’s predictions. Now before I start, I must say that I have the uttermost respect for him, whilst having never met him in person, but having devoured his excellent book the Cuckoo’s Egg back in 1989. Cliff shared an early version of his “predictions” on the USENET newsgroup comp.dcom.telecom – aka Telecom Digest (apparently the Internet’s oldest mailing list) in a post entitled
“Thrills of Long Distance”, on 27 July 1992 – The posting can be found on:!msg/comp.dcom.telecom/V4Dja8lt27Y/huUlemiwhq0J
nearly 25 years ago – and I suspect took it several years to amplify them into a longer, more polished publication.
Back then, I was an inexperienced PhD student with obviously too much time and optimism on my hands and a rosy view of the future. My response to Cliff’s points, archived on:!msg/comp.dcom.telecom/IOkWaiFZ0uI/PVPmVQ83_YMJ might have been impertinent, and looking back now, having passed 40 years old many years ago, outrageously age-discriminatory, *but* I still maintain that we should not be longing for the “good old days”. USENET might have withered away for all sorts of reasons, but the Internet itself has brought more good things to the world that any other technology I can think of – except, perhaps, the Wheel and Fire. Admittedly the cacophony of voices, fake news, information wars and hate propaganda have bruised and stretched the limits of our cosy but fragile democracies, but I still shed a tear of joy when I physically meet people from very       deprived communities in Soweto, Dakar, Nakuru, Mumbai, Cairo, Cusco, X’ian, Ourika and so many other places, people from indigenous communities and people who are physically disabled, who tell me what the Internet has done for them, how it has improved their life, how it has enabled them to make a living, to put food on the family’s table every evening. These are people who tell me they cannot find words strong enough to thank the people who have       invented the Internet, because it has completely changed their life for the better. And yes, in their world, things were not better in the “good old days”.
Focussing on crying about the Internet of Hate and the angst that this is procuring us, including the stress of information overload, might well be a western world social disease as we reminisce about how much more harmonious our world used to be without the Internet. For the majority of the world out there, from what I hear and see, today appears to be way better than yesterday and the Internet often has something to do with this improvement.
Cliff’s Stoll’s piece in 1995 has been regularly dug out as it was ridiculed by some people. Whilst I had an opposite view to his predictions I do admit that he was partially correct on some – and that’s the great thing about the Internet: the diversity of views. Some call it a cacophony.
Kindest regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

Run America as a Business? China runs Sue Googe.

Sue Googe
See the Republican 4th district in South Carolina
“The corruption and cronyism in our political system is threatening our nation’s prosperity.  I want to be a new voice for the people of North Carolina’s 4th District, to ensure the American Dream is alive and thriving for all Americans.”

China’s N.C. love affair
Across the state line, Virginia’s faded South Hill was once a thriving tobacco town. After wrapping up a meeting here, Garrett heads back to North Carolina, pleased with his day. The tobacco buyers he met agreed to pay about $2.18 a pound for 19 bales. At more than 700 pounds per bale and 15 cents or more per pound than others are offering, the deal will gross more than $30,000. “We’ve done pretty well,” he says. Farmers like Garrett are the soul of Tar Heel agriculture, powering the state’s economy. “It’s made a life for me,” says Garrett, who farms about 100 acres of tobacco near Vicksboro.
On this day, though, the buyers crucial to his future are from the opposite side of the globe. Deqing Liang and his delegation from China Tobacco International (North America) Ltd. are based in Raleigh, but Garrett’s tobacco will eventually go up in the smoke of premium Chinese cigarette brands such as Huanghelou and Panda. Last year, North Carolina sent China about $184 million in tobacco, while overall exports to the Asian nation topped $2.1 billion.

Garrett’s tobacco sale exemplifies the degree to which China has penetrated North Carolina commerce, from bucolic family farms to golf courses, urban apartment projects and pharmaceutical and computer factories, plus new industries in moribund towns.

Then read the propagandspin China puts on the canidate

Trump, Cohn, Browder, Akhmetshin, Kushner, Manafort, Stone,

Subversive Billionaires 
Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and current White House senior adviser, and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort also attended the meeting.
Akhmetshin has been identified as a former officer in Russia’s military intelligence service known as the GRU. He has denied that, saying he served in the Soviet Army from 1986 to 1988 after he was drafted but was not trained in spy tradecraft. He said his unit operated in the Baltics and was “loosely part of counterintelligence.”

Akhmetshin said he has not been contacted by the special counsel’s office or the FBI about the meeting with Trump Jr. He said he’s willing to talk with the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose chairman has pressed the Justice Department about why Akhmetshin has not registered as a foreign agent.
The chairman, Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa, said in a March letter that Akhmetshin has “reportedly admitted to being a ‘Soviet counterintelligence officer’ and has a long history of lobbying the U.S. government for pro-Russia matters.”
Akhmetshin said that the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act unit sent him a letter in April and told him, “it has come to our attention you should have filed for FARA.” He said he didn’t believe he needed to file as a foreign agent. He has previously registered with Congress for the lobbying work, and he plans to raise this issue before Grassley’s committee.

Bill Browder Head of Global Magnitsky Justice campaign explains why Putin is our enemy.

Wall Street Funds Hold Hundreds of Millions in Sanctioned Russian Bank Subject to Kushner Probe

Trumps Tax Returns, The Logan Act

How Congress could get Trump’s tax returns
President Trump doesn’t have to publicly disclose his tax returns, now or ever. But some members of Congress can, if they want.
The Logan Act states, in part:

Get Me Roger Stone 

Paul Manafort worked with Roger Stone
Roy Cohn defended mobsters and McCarthy and  Donald Trump.
Trump met Cohn in a place called “The Club” in Manhattan he taught Trump how to deal with the government “Tell the government to “go to Hell” and how to use the media to your advantage.
He taught Donald to be confrontational.
1973 Trump hired Cohn to defend him and his father against the government for racial discrimination. He filed 100 million dollar law suit and he had to settle the case. He never admits he made a mistake. And if you lose you proclaim victory!
Roger Stone met Roy Cohn through Donald Trump.
Roy Cohn had no morals – no moral center.
Background story
Get Me Roger Stone segment on Roy Cohn