2016 The Future of K12 Education

Now that the sad days of “standards” and teaching to the test has been declared a failure we’re off to the new jargon  /  flavor of the next decade.
This time around the jargon includes SEL which stands for Social Emotional Learning.
SEL addresses, such as problem solving  and collaboration, are increasingly necessary for the  labour market. According to one estimate, 65% of children  entering grade school will ultimately work in jobs that don’t  exist today, putting creativity, initiative and adaptability at a  premium.
5 charts that explain the future of #education [ SEL: SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING]
Naturally it’s all about jobs – are US citizens even employable?
In the classroom, SEL skills can be developed by cooperative group work, discussions, peer-to-peer teaching, problem-solving and group reflection. Project and inquiry-based learning can also help children to learn to think critically, use technology and solve problems. Outside the classroom, parents and caregivers can encourage children to develop SEL skills by remaining engaged in their child’s education and providing a safe and nurturing environment. Extracurricular activities such as sports, music and scouting have also demonstrated the ability to teach children SEL skills.
Industry Agenda has a  New Vision for Education:
Students require 16 skills for the 21st century
FYI [ ICT stands for information and communications technology ]
Fostering Social and Emotional Learning through Technology in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group.

#1 Literacy is the number 1 thing on the list and if we can’t accomplish that that nothing else matters!
And the #1 thing that that holds us back from achieving that is #poverty.

2016 #Poverty in the US Be Compared to the World’s Poorest Countries
But the test scores are the least of what matters. Inequality and poverty threaten our future and blight the lives of millions of Americans.

Data from the PISA international tests say more about American society than about American schools.
THIS !!!!
The biggest problem for our society is #poverty, which affects test scores! ! ! ! ! !