Is Trump a Billionaire Folk Hero?

Spoken by Donald Trump,
Campaign Rally in Rome, New York,
April 12, 2016,
(5 minutes, 30 seconds onward) --
When I get in office, I'll do real trade deals, where
we're going to bring our jobs back. Just rely on it,
folks. Alright? Rely on it. Rely on it. ...
So here's the story ... You know the system, folks,
is rigged. It's a rigged system. ...
When you look at Colorado... Look, they should
have had an election. They didn't have an election.
That system is set up so that the crooked politicians
can make sure they get somebody in that's not,
you know, part of what we are doing.
This is a movement, folks. I'm self-funding my
campaign. They hate it. They hate it. They don't
want me to self-fund my campaign. They don't
want it. Because you know what? They're all
controlled by their special interests. They're all
controlled by their by their lobbyists. One hundred
percent. ... With me, they didn't give me anything,
folks. Ok? I'm working, I'm working for you. I'm
working for you. ...
So our Republican system is absolutely rigged.
It's a phony deal. Now, what do I know? I started
running like nine months ago. Who would have
thought I would have been in first place? What
do I know? Right? What do I know? But I'm in first
place by a lot. Millions and millions of votes. That
doesn't count. Do you notice? Nobody even talks
about first place. I have millions of votes more ...
And you look at some of these systems, where
the people who devised them, ... they wanted to
keep people out. This was a dirty trick. These are
dirty tricksters. This is a dirty trick.
And I'll tell you what. The RNC, the Republican
National Committee, they should be ashamed of
themselves for allowing this kind of cr_p to happen.
I can tell you that. They should be ashamed of
themselves. Because it has nothing to do with
democracy. They took the votes away from the
people in Colorado. People are burning up their
Republican cards, because they want to vote.
And you gotta to see what's happening out there.
It's actually a thing of beauty, if you want to know
the truth. Because they're not going to take it.
And it may be shoved down their face. And who
knows. But you know what? They're fighting.
And they're all over the place. And they're angry.
Their votes have been taken away.
We've already been dis-enfranchised. Because, you
look at what's going on. Because if you think about it,
the economy is rigged, the banking system is rigged,
there's a lot of things that are rigged in this world of
ours. And that's why a lot of you haven't had an
effective wage increase in 20 years, folks. And we're
going to change it. We're going to change it. We're
going to change it fast.
Spoken by Donald Trump,
Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina,
February 13, 2016,
The war in Iraq -- we spent two trillion dollars,
thousands of lives. We don't even have it -- Iran
is taking over Iraq, with the second largest oil
reserves in the world. Obviously it was a mistake.
So George Bush made a mistake. We can make
mistakes, but that one was a beauty. We should
have never been in Iraq. We have de-stabilised
the Middle East. … I want to tell you: They lied.
They said there were weapons of mass destruction.
There were none, and they knew there were none.