Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016 (5-14 Feb)

Here in Chennai, we are seeking to recover from
the recent rain and floods.
The NGO I direct (the World Storytelling Institute)
is attempting to help with a hopefully socially-
therapeutic storytelling process, as detailed below.
Best regards,
– Eric
Dear Chennai Storytelling Friends,
The World Storytelling Institute (based in Chennai)
is dedicating its activities over the next couple of
months to helping people of Chennai process and
come to terms with their experiences of the “Big
Rain of Nov/Dec 2015”.
Regarding personal-experience stories about
the “Big Rain” — we would show ways of, when
possible, re-framing tragic stories as heroic stories.
In tragic stories, characters are overcome by difficulties.
In heroic stories, characters overcome difficulties.
The resulting storytelling could celebrate peoples’
coping skills.
It is hoped that this kind of storytelling might be
fun, educational, and therapeutic.
One upcoming WSI event relating to the above is,
Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016 (5-14 Feb).
Two themes of the Festival this year are,
A) Storytelling relating to the Big Rain
of Nov/Dec 2015.
B) Storytelling for Communication
between cultures, between people, and
within people. Including topics such as —
Travel. Tourism. Translation. “Journey”
and “Path” as metaphors for life. Visiting
other lands and worlds. Discovery and
Exploration of the other, and of the self.

The Festival’s final 3 days (12-14 Feb) would
occur at Dr MGR-Janaki College.

The Festival Poster is at .

Column 2 concerns Workshops for College
Students on Fri 12 Feb.

Column 3 concerns Workshops for Adults
on Sat 13 and Sun 14 Feb.
As noted near the bottom of the Poster:
On the evening of Tues 9 Feb 2016 (India time),
we would facilitate a global videoconference-webcast
on Storytelling, with Chennai Storytelling Festival
2016 Guest Co-host Ms Ruth Stotter, .
Videoconference-webcast details would be on
as the date approaches.

This year the Festival is also dedicated to
training as many people as possible to be
able to lead Storytelling Workshops (so they
could conduct Storytelling Workshops both
via physical presence and via videoconference).

Towards this end, please see

Guidelines for leading a Workshop in
Basic Storytelling,

Storytelling Suggestions for Rainy Days,

Big Rain storytelling reminds me of the Vermont
Folklife Center’s wonderful “Weathering the Storm” program after the flooding from Hurricane Irene in 2011. The Story Circles were
beautifully conducted and the resulting CD is a model.