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Happy Reading for the Weekend!
ABOLISH Reagan deregulation era #OIRA has power with lethal consequences stalls life-saving regulations http://ow.ly/U0Xx5
@Operation_KKK Internet Hate Sites and Recruiting Tools on the net US war on Terror
http://ow.ly/U2Gb5 #OpKKK #HoodsOff
#K12 Common Core Fraud 3×5=15 WRONG THX Bill Gates & Dept. of Ed Boodle boys
tearing up the country for $$$ http://ow.ly/TRH2x
#FINLIT #Koch brothers’ higher-ed investments advance political goals by building “talent pipeline” http://ow.ly/U2Ufb
#FINLIT Universities getting #Koch cash for libertarian economics http://ow.ly/U2Ypj
#FINLIT Koch Brothers’ group spends big to help keep conservative control of controversial school board in Colorado.
#FINLIT Reminder: The Kochs are buying up hundreds of economics departments across the country. How the Koch brothers and the super-rich are buying their way out of criticism – CSMonitor.com http://ow.ly/U3dGE
@Operation_KKK Internet Hate Sites and Recruiting Tools on the net US war on Terror
http://ow.ly/U2Gb5 #OpKKK #HoodsOff
China Ranks Last of 65 Nations in Internet Freedom http://nyti.ms/1kdTiEL
#FINLIT The Rise and Fall of For-Profit Colleges – The New Yorker http://ow.ly/U08Hf
#FINLIT #Bitcoin price up 40% in the last month 10/30/15 http://ow.ly/U2vIB $320
Western Bitcoin exchanges are irrelevant. China rules price and sentiment.
#FINLIT #blockchain #fintech #bitcoin Nasdaq Unveils Blockchain-Enabled Platform “Linq”, Announces 6 Inaugural Clients http://peernova.com/
#FINLIT #blockchain #fintech #bitcoin Onename.com stores personal information in a way that is meant to do away with the need for passwords http://ow.ly/U2zhx
#FINTLIT The P2P Lending growth continues around the world http://ow.ly/U2UES
#FINTLIT European Union’s top court ruled that Bitcoin exchange should be tax-free. http://bloom.bg/1OUZf4X
#FINLIT 3 banks join R3 blockchain consortium taking total to 25 tech underpins bitcoin used in finance. http://ow.ly/U07Uj
#FINLIT Pfizer’s CEO dropped a couple of big hints over its huge deal to those that were
listening http://ow.ly/U0ytO
#FINLIT The largest takeover of the year is about avoiding US taxes http://ow.ly/U0yEB
#FINLIT Pfizer, Allergan $330 billion Merger Talks ‘makes sense’ allow Pfizer to re-domicile to lower-tax Ireland. http://ow.ly/TZOBM
#allergy sufferers #Claritin-D® owned by Bayer AG uses #pseudoephedrine found ineffective  http://ow.ly/U0Lnp
@MatthewHerper piece on “possibly sociopathic” Martin Shkreli of the 5,000% AIDS drug price hike My Lunch With Shkreli: What We Should Learn From Pharma’s Latest Monster: http://ow.ly/U2ZRn Hillary Clinton’s reforms? It’s unlikely they’d make a difference. He is very smart, but also callow and possibly sociopathic. (He prefers “iconoclast.”) He started working at Jim Cramer’s hedge fund March 1, 2000, when he was 16. Shkreli is under criminal investigation for his behavior at Retrophin – and has a giant target on his back because of his drug-pricing escapades. $75 million lawsuit filed against him, Retrophin alleges that Shkreli improperly used the company as a personal piggy bank to try to pay off people who felt they’d been ripped off by his hedge fund. If there were securities laws, Shkreli broke them.” Gawker obtained an affidavit from a former colleague of Shkreli’s at Retrophin who alleged that not only had Shkreli threatened him, he had stalked his family, telling the man’s wife: “I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this” and later sending her text messages that said, “Hey, sweetheart.” Gross.
#FINLIT Fed’s Disaster Plan regulation force U.S. banks 2 hold long-term debt that can convert stock if disaster. http://ow.ly/TZZVN
#FINLIT Government in the Sunshine Meeting Notice http://ow.ly/TZZNf
#FINLIT Alibaba & 40 CNBC Talking Heads …and Self Regulation No wonder, a new generation is skeptical of investing. http://ow.ly/U0aKX
#FINLIT New U.S. ETFs to shield China stock investors from currency swings
#FINLIT HSBC whistleblower Falciani says won’t attend Swiss trial | Reuters http://ow.ly/U07BM
#FINLIT U.S. money laundering investigates U.S. banker Tim Wiswell $6 billon “mirror trades” Deutsche Bank AG Moscow http://ow.ly/TZO3G
#FINLIT IBM says SEC investigating company’s books, fraudulent financial reporting. shares fall http://ow.ly/TZOh6
#FINLIT Goldman Fined $50m for Hiring Ex NY Fed Employee, Obtaining Confidential Docs (UST A SLAP ON THE WRIST) http://ow.ly/U09VT
#FINLIT Goldman Sachs 2 Pay $50 Million Accept 3 YR Regulatory Consulting Abstention ADMITS FAILURE Banking Law http://ow.ly/U078d
#FINLIT #BITCOIN Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy” and TPP isn’t about Free Trade at all! http://ow.ly/U3eqz
#FINLIT FRONTLINE to catch a trader – insider trading arrest SAC Capital
#FINLIT Every PC swapped for a Mac saves IBM $270, says Apple http://ow.ly/U08Rh
#FINLIT Kill the laws that keep car dealers in business http://ow.ly/U08Xv
#FINLIT Mark Zuckerberg Signed the Wrong Document http://ow.ly/U35zs + http://ow.ly/U35Tm
A problem at the very top of corporate management is, if you don’t have a boss, who decides how much you get paid? I mean, it’s not a problem for you. You decide how much you get paid. Be generous! But it’s a problem for that boss you don’t have. Corporate directors work for the shareholders, but the shareholders are mostly not around to supervise them. So directors tend to decide for themselves how much they get paid, which leads some shareholders to worry that they get paid too much. The ruling clears the way for a trial of shareholder Ernesto Espinoza’s allegations the company improperly allowed directors to award themselves excessive pay in 2013. That year, Facebook’s board paid non-employee directors an average of $461,000 in stock, exceeding industry peers by as much as 43 percent, according to Espinoza’s complaint, which was filed on behalf of the company.
#FINLIT 15 CEOs of federal contractors will get monthly retirement checks larger than Obama’s. #RiggedRules http://ow.ly/U0Te4
#FINLIT Top 100 US CEOs retirement nest egg of $5bn David Novak’s stash gives $1.3m a month for the rest of his life http://ow.ly/U05W4
#FINLIT 1% Roy Vagelos amassed net worth of $1.3 billion from his director compensation given shares at 86% discount http://ow.ly/U00m4
#FINLIT CLASS WARS Top 100 CEO Retirement Savings Equals 41% of U.S. Families
#FINLIT 1% vs 99% Tale of two Retirements http://ow.ly/U06rF
#FINLIT How the budget deal changes Social Security for couples Congress puts an end to “file-and-suspend,” http://ow.ly/U07Mt
#FINLIT Long-term care insurance requires planning If you stop payments, it’s all just gone down the drain. http://ow.ly/U0bU4
@BernieSanders #FINLIT 1% top 100 chief executive pensions worth $4.9bn = 2 total
retirement savings of 116 mil poorest Americans http://ow.ly/U065C
Modern #art was #CIA #’weapon’ (1995) unwitting artists such as Pollock and de Kooning got used in cultural Cold War http://ow.ly/U0cmk
#ART In 1955 NY Times US has sonic secret #weapon – #jazz a blue note in a minor key” or better “European approach to jazz as seen by Americans” http://ow.ly/U0cys
#ART Import ideas from conceptual #art into the heart of politics Power Strategy — just keep them all confused …. http://ow.ly/U0e00
#ART You’re watching Pentagon propaganda: “American Idol,” “Ice Road Truckers” and the truth about your favorite shows – Salon.com http://ow.ly/U0eCI
#ART America’s Secret Weapon Saunders’ The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of #Arts and Letters http://ow.ly/U0eQm
#PRIVACY Turns Out Police Stingray Spy Tools Can Indeed Record Calls http://ow.ly/U01rX
#PRIVACY MIT researchers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls http://ow.ly/U0hLh
#PRIVACY How to detect lies with a storytelling technique http://ow.ly/U0i10
#PRIVACY New, beta version of Tor Messenger instant encrypted and anonymous messaging service http://ow.ly/U2r2y + http://ow.ly/U2rfT
#PRIVACY Copy-Pasting URLs from Google Search Can Leak Previous Searches
http://caniuse.com/#search=pushState + http://ow.ly/U0iBh
#PRIVACY Anonymous plans to reveal names of about 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members
#PRIVACY Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously? 2015 Edition – TorrentFreak http://ow.ly/U2Lsk
#PRIVACY European Parliament votes to grant Snowden amnesty http://zd.net/1HeeYG9
#PRIVACY 13 Million Passwords Appear To Have Leaked From This Free Web Host