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Student Debt / Strike Debt

Student Debt
The Lost Purpose of School Reform Diane Ravitch
“NCLB decisively changed the purpose of the law. What had once been a means of sending additional resources to schools enrolling poor students was turned into a testing mandate. By law, all students, regardless of disability or language proficiency, must be “proficient” on state tests by 2014. Congress and the Bush administration believed that their mandate could produce universal success in school, akin to passing a law proclaiming that all crime should cease by a date certain. Note to Congress: if wishes (or congressional mandates) were horses, then beggars would ride.  Not surprisingly, it didn’t work.”
richard branson: “It is possible that school is not necessary. I left school at 15.”
State AGs Urge Federal Forgiveness Of Student Loans Tied To Dodgy For-Profit Chain
Apollo Affiliate to Invest $1 Billion in Online Student Lender
Debt Collectors Lose Lawsuits Against Education Department
It beat its aggrieved debt collectors in court
US ED fines Corinthian $30 million for misrepresentation of job placement rates — will halt fed $ at Calif. Heald campuses
Federal judge tosses debt collectors’ lawsuits against  fined Heald College
@StrikeDebt “@usedgov is saying 4profits can steal billions so long they get cut in on the action too”
@StrikeDebt “Wells Fargo made billions off of 4profit Corinthian with help from the @usedgov which get’s it’s cut on the backend .”