How My Mom Got Hacked NYT a bad bait article by alina simone

Operation Global 3 Ransomware File Decryption


A bad bait article by  alina simone

“CryptoWall 2.0 is the latest immunoresistant strain of a larger body of viruses known as ransomware. The virus is thought to infiltrate your computer when you click on a legitimate-looking attachment or through existing malware lurking on your hard drive, and once unleashed it instantly encrypts all your files, barring access to a single photo or tax receipt.” CryptoWall is a variant of an earlier virus called CryptoLocker. CryptoLocker hackers cleared around $30 million in 100 days in 2013.

All Bitcoin owners can be traced!
Bitcoin A.T.Ms are available to anyone. It as easy to buy Bitcoin as it is to buy a soda from a vending machine. All users have to do is scan the QR code — a two-dimensional type of bar code — for an existing Bitcoin wallet and insert cash. No contact is necessary with Bitcoin exchanges, which often have long account verification processes and expensive money transfer requirements.
“the CryptoWall hackers take only Bitcoins”
CryptoWall had anointed coincafe as one of their Bitcoin providers of choice, with praise for their “fast, simple service.”