Seattle Police snooping with Aruba Networks mesh WiFi system

Seattle Police have deployed a Aruba Networks mesh WiFi system. What’s interesting is it may well be snorting MAC addresses from every passing device; Aruba advertises that feature.
And when asked:
The SPD declined to answer more than a dozen questions
from The Stranger, including whether the network is
operational, who has access to its data, what it might
be used for, and whether the SPD has used it (or intends
to use it) to geo-locate people’s devices via their MAC
addresses or other identifiers.
Seattle Police detective Monty Moss, one of the
leaders of the mesh-network project—one part of
a $2.7 million effort, paid for by the Department
of Homeland Security—wrote in an e-mail that the
department “is not comfortable answering policy
questions when we do not yet have a policy.”
But that didn’t stop them from deploying it without one.
“Sentence First, Verdict Later” comes to mind.
Aruba also sells a software product called “Analytics
and Location Engine 1.0.” According to a document Aruba
has created about the product, ALE “calculates the location
of associated and unassociated wifi devices… even though
a device has not associated to the network, information
about it is available. This includes the MAC address,
location, and RSSI information.”