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Happy Reading for today
Antivirus Firm: 75% Of Phone-Based Malware Now Targets Android
The phrase 3mobile malware how cybersecurity researchers describe
the small but growing number of nasty programs designed to infect
smartphones is quickly becoming synonymous with a more specific term:
Android malware. According to data released Monday by the Finnish
antivirus firm F-Secure, 37 of the 49 variants of malicious software
targeting smartphones in the last quarter were aimed at Android devices,
compared with just ten out of the 16 malware variants it found in the
same quarter last year.

Solar Eclipse: Ring of Fire Coming Sunday
The rare annular solar eclipse will be visible on the west coast of
North America and in parts of Asia on May 20 and 21.

Plague of Plastic Chokes the Seas
JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50%
Oops! Five CEOs Who Should Have Already Been Fired (Cisco, GE, WalMart,
Sears, Microsoft) “a billion here, a billion there and pretty soon it all adds up to real money!”
Amnesty UK website hacked to serve lethal Gh0st RAT Trojan
Amnesty International=92s UK website was hacked to host the dangerous
Gh0st RAT Trojan for two days this week, security firm Websense has revealed.
Chinese hackers steal private data from 760 firms
China-based hackers are reportedly targeting US-based Google Inc and
Intel Corp. An attack hackers launched on iBahn could help them access
secret e-mails, even encrypted ones, according to a US senior
intelligence official familiar with the matter.
The Unknowns hack NASA, Air Force, Harvard, saying ‘We’re here to help’
After posting evidence of hacks against 10 organizations around the
world, including NASA and the U.S. Air Force, a new gray hat hacker
group going by the name The Unknowns said most of the vulnerabilities
the group exploited have been patched. The group, which claims to be
promoting Internet security, said closing those vulnerabilities was its goal.
Congress To Amend NDAA To Give DoD &amp; NSA Greater ‘Cyberwar’ Powers
from the say-what-now dept
Remember the NDAA? Yeah, for a variety of reasons that bill got a lot of
attention last year — mostly focused on the question of detainment of
terrorists. But there are some other nuggets in the bill, including one
tidbit about “military activities in cyberspace.” The existing version
of the NDAA does grant the Defense Department the ability to conduct
such military activities, but only “upon direction by the President” and
if the purpose is to “defend our Nation, Allies and interests,” subject
to existing laws.
Oh boy just what we need. Google Search Just Got 1,000 Times Smarter
How to work with google.
How to Get Off Facebook
Judge: An IP-Address Doesn’t Identify a Person (or BitTorrent Pirate)
IP-Address Can’t Even Identify a State, BitTorrent Judge Rules
BitTorrent was NEVER the Performance Problem
Why Hollywood is doomed
These pieces of legislation assume guilt on the part of content
consumers while simultaneously erasing their rights to privacy. But,
before you cast aspersions, consider that Hollywood does this to protect
the industry’s ability to create jobs, art, and money.
The Avengers opening weekend ended with a record-annihilating $207
million box office total. That single weekend haul was larger than all but the largest of
blockbusters take in their entire multi-month run. Only legislation and
penalties can punish the pirates and give the studios their deserved riches!
NTIA: Companies, Agencies Will Need To Share Spectrum
Mind-controlled robotic arm
BrainGate2, seeks to aid the disabled by implanting a small microchip in
the motor cortex of their brains that effectively allows them to control
a robotic arm with their thoughts.
Euclid will keep detailed logs about the movements of millions of
Americans (or at least their mobile phones and perhaps laptops and other
gadgets) around cities and shopping malls
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