[ECP] Educational CyberPlayGround® K-12 Newsletter

[ECP] Educational CyberPlayGround® K-12 Newsletter

[ECP] Educational CyberPlayGround® K-12 Newsletter
Reference Directory of K-12 public, private, and charter schools in all 50 states.
Find Teaching Resources for Music, Teachers, Internet, Technology, Literacy, Arts and Linguistics for students, teachers, parents, and policy makers.
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This dance group choreographs movement as shadow theater. It tells the Passover story in a form unique to western cultural dance presentations
Porcelain Unicorn Grand Prize Winner Tell It Your Way Competition
Keith Haring’s art in public spaces
A free program to turn your computer into planertarium.
An all-out water war is unlikely in the next 10 years
WSU Scientist Provides Online Database as Standard Reference
693 Powdery Mildew database includes 693 species – that is all of them in the world. We have tools for identifying the powdery mildews based on host plant, on the structures produced by the powdery mildews and the DNA sequences.
The American Journal of Human Biology looks at the genomes of three female Neandertals from Croatia. Their DNA was the basis of the first effort to compile a complete Neandertal genetic sequence, which was published in 2010. The researchers focused their attention on 40 well-studied stretches of genetic material that help determine pigmentation in living people.
Archaeologists discover earliest known metal bit
Venture Capital in Education at SXSW: New Technology and New Solutions
The Education Department today named Susan Patrick director of the Office of Educational Technology
Patrick is responsible for coordinating programs and policies on technology, including implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act, virtual education and e-learning, student data management systems, online assessments and the National Education Technology Plan.
The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) will hold the 25th annual National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), Jammin’ and Jazzin’ with Technology, on June 21–23, 2004, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The U.S. Department of Education re-launched the National Education Technology Plan Web site and is calling for widespread participation in the development of the nation’s third technology plan. The “Participate in the Plan!” section of the Web site will be open for comment through March 12. The department is seeking advice from a variety of constituencies in education, including students, parents, K-12 educators, college and university leaders, and members of business and industry. Individuals can participate by uploading files, including reports, articles and presentations, or by downloading and viewing what others have posted.
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