K12 Education Deform Diane Ravitch speaks truth to power!

School “Reform” Rhetoric: Intellectual Dishonesty and political Liars
Diane Ravitch ought to know cause she worked for Bush pushing his K12 education deform then realized she was working for the devil, and began to speak truth to power!
School For Profit School For Profit. K12 Inc., K12.com
K12, its employees and major stockholders spent about $44,000 supporting Luna; $25,000 of that was funneled to an Idaho interest group for independent advertising on Luna’s behalf.
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Iphone Spy tracks every move

Iphone Forensics Portect your privacy – How to get rid of that db file.

Iphone Tracker
Several researchers at O’Reilly have discovered an extremely troubling feature of iPhones and 3G iPads running Apple’s iOS 4. In a blog post and accompanying video, the site details that Apple is storing the GPS coordinates of cellular iDevices locally, in an unencrypted and unprotected file. “Ever since iOS 4 arrived, your device has been storing a long list of locations and time stamps,” reads the post. “We’re not sure why Apple is gathering this data, but it’s clearly intentional, as the database is being restored across backups, and even device migrations.” O’Reilly goes on to note that along with a list of timestamped GPS coordinates, the file also contains a list of Wi-Fi access points that the affected device has been in range of. “Anybody with access to this file knows where you’ve been over the last year, since iOS 4 was released,” the brief continues. The file in question  named consolidated.db  is present in the backup file created when syncing a cellular iOS device with iTunes, and, obviously, on the iOS device itself. “Why this data is stored and how Apple intends to use it  or not  are important questions that need to be explored,” writes the team. Apple’s security team did not respond to O’Reilly‘s request for comment. The video made by the researchers is after the break.
The Dangers of iPhones Recording Your Every Move
By John Hudson 12:12 PM ET
Today, two British security researchers  raised eyebrows with the  discovery that the Apple iPhone records users’ every move for as long as a year. The information is stored on a file called “consoidated.db,” which includes latitude-longitude coordinates and a timestamp. The file is unencrypted, easily-accessible and the information is transferred to any machine the iPhone syncs with.
What if it got in the wrong hands? “Apple has made it possible for almost anybody – a jealous spouse, a private detective – with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you’ve been,” said Warden
You can’t stop it “For now, there is no fix,” writes Sam Biddle at Gizmodo.

The Apple iPhone Location Data Issue:Apple disclosed that they were collecting location information last July in a letter to several Congressmen.  Not only did they disclose the amount and nature of that information, they also disclosed how that information was being used, and how users could stop it from being collected. Read the letter at the enclosed URL for details.

NO equal access to educational services for students with disabilities

new orleans schools miracle not so miraculous

The New Orleans Recovery District, nearly 75 percent charter schools, has won attention for its rising test scores. Bogus Testing and Assessment
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