Hackers Get Access to New Jersey School Data System

Now every class is an elective, and requires only 1 credit to graduate.

Users of the 4chan online message board [explained] managed to get access to the
online student information system used by a New Jersey school district
after the school’s administrative password was posted to 4chan last

The problem started last Tuesday, according to the Plainfield Board of
Education, which serves a small school district just west of Newark.
That’s when somebody posted a link to the login page and the
administrative username (“admin”) and password (“poopnugget”)
of the
district’s Genesis Student Information System to 4chan, a popular but
anarchic message board best known as the place where David Kernell
posted details of his break-in of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s
Yahoo e-mail account.
The Web-based Genesis software is used by about 160 New Jersey schools
to manage their student records and communicate with students and
It’s not clear how much damage was caused, but 4chan members soon
started posting screenshots showing how they were able to mess with the
school’s system.
One screenshot shows school lunch prices reset to
US $9,000 per meal. Another post claims that “every class is now an
elective, and requires only 1 credit to graduate.”
By Robert McMillan
IDG News
Jan 24, 2011
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Lower Merion School District
301 East Montgomery Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003

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